Badi Devrani 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daadi with Manbhari and Kaushalya reaching Kadambari’s house to meet her and family. Sidhi comes home with Moksh and silently goes to Moksh’s room. Paridhi follows her. She asks Paridhi who are they. Paridhi says they are Moksh’s in-laws. Sidhi gets her husband’s call and tells him that she cannot let an innocent girl’s life ruined by mamma. He asks her to do what her mind says. She comes down, but by then Kadambari sends Daadi and others saying they will meet tomorrow at temple and get her son and Reeti married and she will bring her bahu home tomorrow. She asks Kadambari not to ruin a girl’s life as she knows Moksh does not even know meaning of marriage. Kadambari asks Rohan to throw Sidhi in a room and lock it until Moksh is married.

Reeti reminisces Vibhor at night and cries. She hears Vibhor’s voice to forget him and move ahead in life. She says she cannot. He repeats to forget him. She cries vigorously. In the morning, Poddar family ladies get Reeti ready in a bridal attire.

Kadambari asks Paridhi if she got Moksh ready. Paridhi says she had to take servant’s help. They both reach Moksh’s room and does not find him there. They then see him digging ground in garden and rush down. Kadambari asks Rohan to control Moksh, but Moksh pushes him out and continues panicking. Kadambari asks Paridhi to call doc soon. Sidhi knocks door repeatedly and asks to open it.

Seetaram with wife reaches Reeti’s house and asks daadi and other how can they get his daughter married without his consent. Reeti says it is her decision. He says she is sacrificing her life for these people and is under Kadambari’s pressure. She says she not under any pressure and is taking conscience decision. He says he is his father and much elder to him, so he knows she is making mistake. She says she will prove that she is doing right and hugs her father.

Precap: No precap.

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