Badi Devrani 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manbhari tells she have to find out why Reeti and Vibhor smiling..Reeti text Vibhor and tells to say all ladies of the house thanks..Vibhor tells Madam is right..Vibhor thinks..Reeti tells Vibhor is very selfish..Reeti goes..Vibhor tells thankgod gone…Manbhari sees and tells very beautiful Roses..Kajal tells in everyone name is written on every rose..Kajal tells who gave this…Daadiji tells she tell who gave..Daadiji catches Vibhor’ss ear’s,,Daadiji tells that Vibhor kept the Rose slowly and was going..So she catched..Vibhor tells today he realised that the work is very difficult and all the ladie’s made it very easy….Kaushalya thanks Vibhor and she is very happy…
Kaushalya asks Vibhor were is Reeti’s rose..Kaushalya says Vibhor to give Reeti flower..Manbhari

tells Vibhor to give rose to Reeti and say sorry…Vibhor takes rose and feels shy…Vibhor gives a red rose to Reeti,,Reeti smiles and takes it..Vibhor text and tells his teacher that today he is very happy as he have seen his family happiness and love..Vibhor tells that only one rose is left out he want to give it to her with Thankyou..Reeti text and tells she can see his happiness Vibhor reads the message and is shocked..Vibhor sees Everywhere..Reeti hides..Reeti text and tells that it means she can feel Vibhor happiness..Reeti tells that she cannot reveal her identity..Vibhor asks to whom he give this last rose..Reeti text and tells to decide..Reeti comes..Reeti tells to give her rose..Vibhor tells shut up As already he gave her…Vibhor tells he will give the rose to the one who loves him but do not show..Reeti asks who is he??Vibhor tells he will not tell..Vibhor goes…Reeti says she known who is the person..Reeti smiles…Vibhor goes to Shop and sees Ghansham…Ghansham comes..Ghansham asks If the drama of searching maid is over??Ghansham tells he known that Vibhor dont want to study..Ghansham tells VIbhor to look at his brother’s Nikonj and Jugal how they work hard…Vibhor tells that Nikonj is different..
Vibhor tells that his father is different and Nikonj Father is different…Vibhor gives Rose to his father and hugs..Vibhor tells thanks for Forgiving his mistakes and believing him…Vibhor tells that one day his father will be proud of him..Ghansham gets happy….Ghansham tells that when Vibhor was small he learned very late walking..Ghansham tells that all people will laugh but he believe his Son..Ghansham tells that when Vibhor started walking He ran very fast..But when Vibhor fall he felt bad..Ghansham tells he will always sees Vibhor happy and good…Ghansham tells Vibhor to wait as he have some work with him…Ghansham gives some paper to Vibhor and tells to zerox…One person comes on bike..Ghansham tells the person to remove the bike from here as his old customer will come..Ghansham tells he will move this bike from here..Ghansham moves the bike but it falls…The person sees his bike has fallen..Person shouts runs and comes,,,Ghansham tell he is picking it up…The Person comes and beats Ghansham…NIkonj comes and stop them..All the people comes and stop..Vibhor comes and slaps the person..Vibhor again slaps…Vibhor tells the person to say sorry..The person tells that he is very powerful family and will not leave very easily Vibhor…The Person goes..Nikonj and Ghansham holds Vibhor..Vibhor sees the Person angrily…

Prcap::Bilashi tells that Vibhor also Son-in-law of very powerful person..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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