Badi Devrani 22nd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha tells Megha that at correct age If wedding happen it will good..Kajal tells Prabha yes as Reeti is the example and she suffered alot..Reeti gesture Vibhor..Kajal sees and tells something is going on,,Megha goes..Reeti tells Kajal she have to go as some important work is there,,Reeti goes in room and locks the room..Vibhor tells to open the door as in their house no one closes the room during daytime..Reeti stands near door..VIbhor goes and tells to open the door..Reeti says noo..Vibhor looks at Reeti,,,Reeti says she want to talk about love..Anotherside Kajal tells Bilashi that Reeti closed her room,,Bilashi says that kajal is the best daughter-in-law of Puddar family..He goes and tries to listen..Bilashi tells that Reeti gave him a golden chance he was waiting for..Vibhor stares Reeti…Reeti tells that Megha is in love with some boy name Shivam…Vibhor gets happy..Vibhor tells that love marriage is not allowed at their house..But he will convince his mother..Vibhor tells Reeti to take Shivam phone number..Reeti tells she have a plan to meet shivam..Prabha tells Daadi that Maheshawari is coming..Bilashi calls Kaushalaya..He tells he want to drink water with her hands..Kaushalya feels shy..Daadi tells that if he gone mad??Bilashi tells that Reeti does’nt care about anyone she closed her room..Prabha is shocked..Kajal tells yes it is more than half an hour..VIbhor tells that Reeti”s plan is flop..He tells that he is expert…Reeti tells VIbhor is not..Reeti runs and opens the door She falls Vibhor hold’s her..Daadi,,Kajal and Prabha comes and sees…Reeti tells to let her go..Vibhor tells noo,,Suddenly Vibhor sees Everyone and is shocked..

Precap::Daadiji scolds Reeti and Vibhor

Update Credit to: Ansari

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