Badi Devrani 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

kajal tells Daadiji that she took part in Cooking compedition but not sure about going..Daadiji tells to go,,Bilashi asks Vibhor how is his shirt..Vibhor tells its nice..Bilashi tells Kajal that compedition is there and they will go..Daadiji is shocked tells that How Bilashi is talking soo nice..Reeti tells Bindiya why she written her name in the compedition..Bindiya tells that Reeti will feel better..Bindiya tells Reeti to forget Vibhor and his family and feel relax..Vibhor puts his card in ATM..Vibhor tells why ATM is not working..Reeti comes and sees..Vibhor tells what happened to the machine..Reeti comes and tells excuse me..Vibhor turns and see and gets shocked..Reeti tells herself that Vibhor will not be annoyed from her,,Vibhor tells that Reeti wanted to help stranger’s..Vibhor asks Reeti

how she trap good boys..Acting good..Making impression and then she will trap..Vibhor tells that the same Reeti and her family did with him…Vibhor tells Reeti where is her sister photographer..Vibhor claps and tells what a family..And tells that his father is there behind the Master plan..Reeti tells Vibhor dont have any right to say about her father..Reeti tells no one had tried to trap him..Reeti tells that she will listen against
Reeti tells her father did thinking about her..Reeti tells she will not give explanation but also not listen against father..Reeti tells that her father didnt forced just gave the proposal..Reeti tells that she have seen Vibhor giving Respect to everyone but what happened,,Reeti tells Vibhor patience is very important,,If VIbhor would have waited he would have known the truth,,Reeti tells vibhor to be quiet as no one is taking his picture..Reeti goes Vibhor is shocked..Bilashi comes home with a bag and keeps it in cupboard,,,Bilashi sits on bed..Kaushalaya brings water,,Bilashi drinks…Bilashi tells Kaushalaya to do her work..
Kaushalaya opens the cupboard,,BIlashi tells not to open,,Kaushalaya tells that Something is going in Bilashi mind..Indira tells Sitaram that Pudaar family is also coming in the compedition,,They will not to go as Bilashi may also come..If he said anything..Sitaram tells that soo they should will be scared and sit at home????Sitaram tells Reeti is participating and they have a good reputation in society.,,Ghansham tells Prabha that today last time he will go to shop wearing kurta,,Prabha tells that she will press..Vibhor listens and gets upset…

Precap::Bilashi tells sitaram that after sometime whole Society will laugh at Sitaram

Update Credit to: Ansari

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