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Badi Devrani 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhor getting bank manager’s call who informs that his loan is sanctioned and he has to reach bank and sign some papers. Vibhor gets happy. Manager asks him to bring Reeti along as she has to sign nomination form. He asks if she is really necessary. Manager says after some bank fraud, bank has made mandatory to get nominee signed personally. Reeti enters room and tells Vibhor about Jagrata. He asks her to get ready as they are going outside. She asks if he is sure. He says yes and asks her to take mom’s permission. He then thinks why he needs her interference always.

Vibhor with Reeti reaches bank and signs papers. When they are about to leave, accountant gives her guarantor papers. Manager apologizes her and she gets tensed. Vibhor asks what

papers are these. She nervously is about to speak when he gets his friend Piyush’s call and walks out telling his loan is approved. Manager apologies Reeti again, and she leaves telling she will call him again. One the way, Reeti insists to have pani puri and he gets her pani puri.

Jagrata pooja starts. Black magician Bhairavi is about to start pooja, but Jugal starts it. Bhairivi signals Kajal and she asks Jugal to let Bhairavi do pooja. Prabha says every year jugal does pooja. Bhairavi taunts, but jugal continues, sees mango between fruits and asks vamp bhairavi why did she add mango between fruits. Bhairavi says that is the difference between him and her, whatever he feels is not important she feels it is important. She smirks looking at Reeti and thinking once pooja finishes, Reeti will be out of this house.

Pandit starts religious songs. Bhairavi thinks with her black magic Prabha will dance, but is shocked to see Manbhari dancing. Daadiji says mata has come on manbhari. Everyone start folding hands in front of her. Bhairavi is shocked to see her black magic not working on Prabha and thinks she did black magic on Vibhor’s mom, then why manbhari is dancing. She thinks there are many secrets in this house, which she will have to know.

Vamp Bhairavi tells Kajal that she did black magic on Vibhor’s mother Prabha, but Manbhari danced instead. She will know this secret at any cost.

Precap: Bhairavi does black magic on Manbhari and blows black magic powder on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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