Badi Devrani 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor is worried..Bilashi tells About Ghansham..Manbhari tells that shop will be saved..and Reeti is very rich..Ghansham calls Sitaram tells that they accept the proposal..Sitram gets happy..Ghansham tells Prabha that no other solution was there,,Prabha tells they have to suffer the whole life..Ghansham tells not to tells anyone,,Vibhor listens everything….Kajal tells Nikonj that she is very worried that If Reeti comes in this house it will be very bad,,Many things will come out…Nikonj tells that he have to do something…Vibhor calls reeti and tells to come out of her house as he have to meet her..Reeti comes..Reeti ask what happeend??Vibhor tells that Reeti is very good actor Seeing face anyone cannot tell how she is…Vibhor tell he is idiot..Vibhor tells that Reeti played game

with him..Vibhor tells Reeti that she is not getting boy So she trapped him,,Vibhor tells that Reeti blackmailed trapped him..Vibhor tells that till now Reeti have seen his goodness..Vibhor tells that after marriage Reeti will come his house He will make Reeti’s life hell..And his father will also suffer,,,Vibhor goes..Reeti cries…Bilashi tells Nikonj to take Dhol and Piano They will start that buisness As shop will be seized..Ghansham comes..Bilashi dances tells that Ghansham already insulted the family..Bilashi tells Nikonj to bring water As he will bath here,,,Daadaji tells Bilashi to shut up..Ghansham tells Vibhor to stop as he wanted to talk..Vibhor goes…Bilashi tells that son is not listeninig to Father..Ghansham is upset…Vibhor plays Boxing angrily..Prabha tells that father is calling..Vibhor tells that Father fixed his marriage without his decision,,For his father Shop is important…Prabha tells what Vibhor is thinking is wrong..Whole life his father thought about Vibhor only And now also he didnt sold Vibhor still the shop 60% belongs to them..Vibhor gets shocked..Prabha tells Vibhor to come..Vibhor goes…
Bilashi tells Ghamsham is He god to decide about destiny??..If they gave 60% shop then what they will get…Daadaji tells Bilashi to shutup..As it is difficult to find the solution,,Daadaji tells If Bilashi has some solution to tell..Daadaji tells that when he have started the shop he dont have any money but now 40% they have..They can start the shop onece again..Daadaji tells that Ghansham is right..Bilashi tells that he is wrong everyone is right,,,Bilashi goes..Ghansham also goes..Daadaji tells Vibhor to be happy as End will be good then only everything will be good…Ghansham goes and sits sadly Prabha tells to drink some water..Vibhor comes..Vibhor tells Prabha that he wanted to talk to his father,,Prabha tells not to worry as she will only tell..Prabha tells Vibhor not to be angry..Anotherside Sitaram tells Indira that Ghansham said that they didnt like the proposal of Reeti..Indira tells that they cannot force anyone,,Sitaram tells that he want Reeti to be happy..Indira tells that whats written in destiny will happen..Sitaram cries tells that he taught that Family will forget the old issues but dont know what happened..Sitaram tells When Reeti will know the truth then she will be sad..

Precap::Reeti tells Vibhor that Sitaram was thinking about his family also

Update Credit to: Ansari

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