Badi Devrani 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sitaram scolds Bindiya,,,Bindiya tells that his father is very innocent..Sitaram tells along with Vibhor Reeti is also standing..Sitaram tells Indira that she has given her daughter alot of Freedom..Sitaram tells that he had gone for Reeti’s marriage..Reeti tells that Vibhor is smaller than him..He is four of five year younger..Sitaram tells that he have never taken a wrong decision about his family..Sitaram tells that he has gone to talk about Reeti’s proposal.. Daadaji asks Ghansham what happened??Ghansham tells that he will never sacrifice his son..Daadaji tells that Vibhor is innocent..But in today’s world Even a father wont help his son without Benefit,,Sitaram tells Reeti that she will not understand but after sometime she will known,,At night Reeti thinks about Vibhor…Reeti tells that she is just a friend of Vibhor..Vibhor sees Reeti’s picture and tells that he have not think that Reeti would have did this..Reeti tells that what Vibhor may be thinking about her after her father proposal of Marriage..Reeti tells that Vibhor will never forgive her..Vibhor tells that he will never forget what Reeti did..Next Mrning Everyone have breakfast Bilashi tells he dont want to eat of Kaushalaya’s hand,,,Prabha tells Vibhor to eat otherwise she will also not eat..Manbhari tells Prabha that their shop will get because of Reeti’s marriage proposal..Prabha tells that Manbhari didnt love Reeti..Manbhari tells Once their shop will be seized Vibhor will not get good proposal..
Reeti goes near table and tells that they are unable to understand that Sitaram said only one solution for saving shop..Manbhari comes nea table and tells everyone to think about the shop from which they and celebrate festivals.Manbhari tells Sitaram to think..Bilashi tells First Sitaram came and now his lawyer..Bilashi tells that Reeti will never be their daughter-inlaw..Reeti tells she have to apologise to Vibhor,,But will Vibhor will forgive??Anotherside Ghansham goes..Bilashi tells Ghansham to stop If he go at sitaram’s house it will not be good..Ghansham goes…Everyone is shocked…

Precap::Vibhor tells Reeti that he will make her life hell..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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