Badi Devrani 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeti showing Kajal her dancing pic in Kali temple and pandit identifying her as Kajal Ganguly. She then shows her marriage card and Kajal’s handwriting paper and says she knows she changed card statement and ruined her life 5 years ago. She asks when should she tell this secret to Poddar family. Kajal gets afraid and pleads her not to show this secret to poddar family, else she will be kicked out.

Bhairavi asks her not to plead and says Reeti she is flying her with just 1 secret and says she is bengali, what is a big deal in it. She asks what is her husband’s name. Reeti says Vibhor Ghanshyam Poddar. Bhairavi asks Kajal to write Vibhor Ghanshyam Poddar on beetle leave and says she will show magic now. She takes out one more beetle leave from hiding

and shows that Vibhor’s real name is Vibhor Swaroopchand. Reeti says this is not a magic, but dirty joke. Bhairavi laughs like an evil and says Vibhor is Swarpoocand and Manbhari’s son and not poddar family’s son, but their salesman’s son. Reeti says she does not believe her. Bhairavi asks her to ask Manbhari itself. She laughs like an evil again and shouts bengali, muskmelon magic…

Reeti goes to Manbhari’s room and asks if Vibhor is her son. Manbhari says he is not and asks who told her. Reeti says Bhairavi told. Manbhari reminisces Bhairavi hypnotizing her with black magic. Reeti asks her to tell truth, else she will ask Prabha. Manbhari stops her and says she will tell truth, Vibhor is her son. She and Prabha where helpless due to their situations and reminisces midwife giving her son and Prabha’s daughter to her and telling Prabha that she cannot become mother again, but she has a daughter at least now. Once midwife leaves, Manbhari sees Prabha crying and exchanges her son with Prabha’s daughter. Prabha asks if she has gone mad. Manbhari asks her to think from brain, what if Bilasi gets Ganshyam remarried for a son, she will be kicked out of house. Praba says it cannot happen. Manbhari says she does not have even food to eat, but Prabha is rich family bahu and her family will be very happy seeing a son. Prabha says Manbhari that she will stay with her and she will get her daughter married. Manbhari agrees and says her son will live a happy live under her control. Prabha asks her not to tell this secret to anyone. Manbhari agrees.

Precap: Prabha asks Reeti why did she fight with Kajal going to her room. Kajal says she owuld have kept quiet if it was a small issue, but it is not. Prabha says she does not believe anyone and wants Reeti to tell truth. Vibhor says he will tell truth.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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