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Badi Devrani 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


The episode starts with Reeti walking towards door with her jewelry in a bag. Kalyani stops her and says she needs her suggestion in decorating temple. Reeti agrees. Kajal clashes with her purposefully and her jewelry bag falls. Kajal asks where is she taking her jewelry. Reeti says to sell them. Vibhor reaches home. Bilasi starts his usual drama and taunts vibhor that his wife is selling jewelry and Kajal backs him. Vibhor asks why is she selling jewelry. Reeti says the money he gave is stolen and she searched whole house. Bilasi asks if some outsider came home. She says no. He says then she is alleging family members and asks everyone to stand in que as Reeti wants to check them. Dadi asks him to stop his drama.

Vibhor says he will arrange money somehow and Reeti

does not have to sell jewelry. His business partner enters. Bilasi asks who is he. He says he is setting up imitation jewelry export business partnership with Vibhor and came to take money. Bilasi says he will not get money. Reeti says he will get his money in some days. He says he rejected many people for his partnership, but now he is unprofessionally telling he does not have money, this is not done. Kalyani says she will give money and asks Megha to bring her bag. Vibhor says he will not accept money. Bilasi taunts that they were waiting for this moment, but are just acting. Kalyani shows money to Vibhor and asks if it is his money. Reeti asks how did she get it. She says she will tell later and sends partner with money.

Whole family looks at Kalyani. She says she took money as she wanted to see if Vibhor and Reeti will help each other in tough situations and they proved they are made for each other. Manbhari says it is proved that her reeti bahu and vibhor are best couple in this house and let people be jealous of them, pointing at Bilasi and Kajal. Kalyani asks Bilasi to trust Reeti and Vibhor instead of downgrading them, his life will be happier. Daadi smiles hearing that.

Reeti practices how to apologize Vibhor. Vibhor enters and she apologizes. He asks why is she formal like other women. Their nok jhok starts. He then says she has so big heart, if he can ask her something. She asks what he needs. He says her company. They both hold hands and their romance starts…

In the morning, Megha sees Prabha and tries to leave angrily. Prabha stops her and asks if she is so angry on her mother that she does not want to talk to her. She calls her maasi and says she does not have a big heart like Vibhor who can forgive anyone, not her.

Precap: Manbhari tells Vibhor that she does not want to stay at Poddar house and asks him to accompany her. Prabha asks if she will go away from her. Manbhari says she has made a decision and it is up to Vibhor if he wants to stay with Prabha mamma or Manbhari mamma.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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