Badi Devrani 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti cries and tells Vibhor that not to bring family between their fight As they should not not suffer,,Vibhor sees..Vibhor goes…Next morning Reeti sleeps and gets up shocked to see Vibhor sitting and staring..Vibhor tells he will behave like a mature husband..Vibhor tells from today he will be good..Vibhor gives tea to Reeti…Reeti tells she will not drink as Vibhor would have mixed something..Vibhor tells to wear the Saree,,Reeti tells she will not wear as Vibhor may have put itiching powder…Vibhor tells its Reeti’s wish..Vibhor goes..Vibhor comes and tells that he had already opened the Geyser If Reeti’s hand burnt…Reeti tells something is fishy Vibhor will do something..Reeti comes to kitchen sees everyone..Kaushalya,,Daadiji,,Prabha,,Manbhari,,and kajal standing…Vibhor

tells Reeti will make gattay ki sabji,,Podpaado Kaushalaya tells that Reeti have changed…Daadiji tells that it is difficult…Kajal tells it will be difficult..Vibhor tells to cook something easy..Vibhor tells to cook Daal Roti..Reeti tells she will make that only…Daadiji tells that If Reeti can make??Reeti tells she will make..Vibhor tells till 10 am Reeti have to finish..Reeti tells she have to cook..Vibhor tells to do the work and they will see Wedding video..
Manbhari tells Reeti not to worry as If anything happened they will manage…Reeti goes to her room and search phone but does’nt find..Reeti gets her phone but it shows no sim…Reeti tells Vibhor did this..Reeti calls Indira and tells her to say the reciepe…Indira tells its very difficult..Reeti tells to give the reciepe…Bilashi comes and pick up the landline..Reeti tells that its bilashi..Bilashi tells that he will come for dinner..Bilashi tells he is Bilashi..Indira cuts the call…Reeti tells she didnt got the reciepe what to do..Vibhor eats apple..Reeti tells she want Sim..Vibhor gives..Vibhor tells to god that there is no balance in sim..Reeti tells that she didnt did cheating Vibhor lied..That too to win a challenge…Vibhor tells everything is fair in war..Vibhor marks on calendar today’s day and tells that it’s Reeti failure day..Vibhor tells they will meet at 10 and he will not disturb..

Precap::Kajal tells that Reeti didnt prepared Food..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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