Badi Devrani 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadaji tells Vibhor That he came from Rajasthan to kolkata,,vibbhor tells he known that he dont wear dhoti kurta,, Neither does aarti but still he is Marwari..Daadaji tells when Vibhor will be happy in wearing Dhoti kurta he will be fully Marwari,,Daadaji tells that everyyear he come along with Vibhor to buy Cowdung but Vibhor never taken this hand…Vibhor tells yes..Vibhor And Daadaji comes home..Daadiji tells Kajal to cook properly and tells Manisha to remove the oil and fry properly…..Sarla comes,,Manisha and kajall comes and meets…Sarla tells that all her inlaws are fan of vibhor,,Sarla asks If Vibhor is coming in Marriage or not…as Marriage in outside India in Macau..Sarla tells Manish aand Kajal to decide who want to come..Nikonj tells that Vibhor is getting

excuse to run away from work..Nikonj tells that If in Marriage Vibhor meets any girl it will be more good..Sarla bua smiles..Vibour blushes..Mother tells Vibhor to get ready..Vibour tells he will be very happy to go Macaw as it will be good outing for him..mother tells that first Daadaji have to give permission..Vibhor tells not to worry Daadaji will agree..Mother says Vibhor will do good drama.and take permission.Mother goes.Vibhor sees Invitation card..Vibor tells sarla bua to tell Daadaji.,,,Sarla tells her father that there is marriage and she wanted to take him,,Daadaji tells he cannot come tells to take Vibhor…Vibhor gets happy..Nikonj tells He to wanted to go..Daadaji tells okey..Daadaji tells Bilashi to book the tickets of Vibhor,,Kajal and Nikonj..
Anotherside Antara tells Reeti’s mother to select clothes for Reeti,,Mother tells that this is not city marriage..It is destination wedding in Macau and they have to select good clothes as wedding celebrations will be 2-3 days.She has doubt about clothes..Antara tells not to worry As Reeti looks good in every colour…Vibhor and his family do dinner,,Vibhor tells that he dont have clothes to wear in marriage he want a new blazer,,Vibhor tells that old coat is out dated and old fashion,,Vibhor tells Tayaaji it would be old..Bilashi(Taayaji) tells that during their time they used to buy only during festivals and that to by Breaking FD,,Bilashi tells that it is a waste of money..Daadaji tells that he worked hard and earned money..Vibhor tells that once he done shopping will buy a coat and use it for one year,Vibhor tells please..,Daadaji tells okey,,Vibhor gets happy..Daadijii tells to take Nikonj and kajal also for shopping..Vibhor tells okey.Reeti and Antara buys Saree..Nikonj,,Kajal and Vibhor goes for shopping..Nikonj tells that from half and hour they are sitting..Vibhor sees a saree on statue and tells that orange colour saree is awesome..Kajal sees and tells yes,,Kajal tells the person to give..He tels that there was only first fresh piece that too was sold,,Kajal tells to ask once them whether they wanted or not…Salesman tells okey..Salesman goes and tells Reeti that some other peoople are intrested to buy the Saree,,,Antara tells How come as first they selected the Saree,,Reeti gets shocked to see Nikonj..

Precap::Reeti picks up something while Vibhor passes by,,

Update Credit to: Ansari

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