Badi Devrani 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ghansham comes inside the room…Ghansham tells Vibhor that searching maid is ladie’s work..Vibhor explains Ghansham that to suppose that they are expanding business So they have to decide this is the first step..Ghansham tells he didnt understood anything..Ghansham tells that he will book Goa ticket,,If Vibhor goes in fresh air will feel some good..Reeti tells of No-use as Vibhor’s online teacher will reach there also..Ghansham tells to come and meet at shop..Vibhor agrees….Reeti laughs..
Vibhor tells Reeti that when he will search a maid then,,He will laugh..Vibhor goes…Next day Vibhor sleeps,,Vibhor tells that its 9:30 and he called Vibhor..Vibhor runs and comes and tells sorry..Prabha tells that its part of their work…Vibhor tells he will final..Vibhor tells

that hiring maid is not easy it is like launching rocket..Vibhor tells he will take the test..Prabha asks what test??Vibhor tells to wait and watch..Both the maids Urmila and Vimla arranges the table..
Prabha tells that Urmila arranged very good plates…Urmila tells she dont need money but just heard “Puddar family” name and came…Vimla tells that she dont know the work but slowly slowly will learn..Vimla tells that she need money..Vibhor looks at both of them..Daadiji calls Vibhor “Master-ji” and tells to see the Maid and Select them…Reeti text Vibhor not to take decision in hurry and candidate should get justice..Prabha tells to say now..Vibhor tells he want time..Vibhor tells that two of them will get fair decision..Prabha tells that Vibhor take one more test..Daadiji tells let it be As they will also see what Vibhor is studying..Vibhor tells he want only ten minutes…Vibhor text his teacher(Reeti) and tells that there are two maids one can do the work very easily but have a lot of attitude.. And second one looks simple need money and will also learn how to work..Reeti text Vibhor says to select his choice and tells her mother..If VIbhor is not able to convince her mother Prabha then tell someone..Reeti tells its a part of Management skills…Reeti goes offline..Vibhor tells he have to think..Reeti tells if she select the maid also then Prabha would reject it..Vibhor tells that manipulation he will do..Vibhor tells he want Reeti help..Reeti tells to request..Vibhor tells please…Reeti tells what well she get??Vibhor tells to sleep on bed alone..Reeti tells no..Reeti tells that Vibhor should not fight whole day..Vibhor agrees..Reeti asks what help???Vibhor tells that whatever he said Reeti have to tell…Reeti agrees…Kajal tells Daadiji that for a small work Prabha have to wait alot…Manbhari tells everytime new things happened in this house…
Vibhor comes and says that he alone didnt decided but Reeti also..Vibhor tells Reeti to say..Kajal tells that at home Kaushalya,,Prabha and Daadiji is there then why Reeti is choosing…Vibhor tells because at Reeti’s home no maid ran or gone..Prabha tells she will only choose the maid…Vibhor tells that Prabha only said that husband and wife are two wheels of Car..Prabha asks what happened to Vibhor..Daadiji tells to let it be..Reeti tells that Urmila did very good at Dining table test and Vimla failed..Reeti tells Vimla sorry as she cant do the work so they cannot keep her..Prabha tells they will keep Vimla only..Reeti tells that Vimla dont know how to work…Prabha tells that she will teach,,Prabha tells that Vimla looks very innocent from face..Prabha tells that within ten days she will teach whole work..Reeti tells sorry…Prabha tells she have also seen the world..Reeti and Vibhor looks at each other and smiles…

Precap::Vibhor fight with a man..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. nice episode.good thinking by vibhor and reeti waiting for the next episode.

  2. luv ur fight vibhor n reeti

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