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Badi Devrani 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhairavi serving black magic papaya to Prabha and rasgullas to Bilasi and others and thinking Prabha will start vomiting and will start hating Reeti. Bilasi comes and says daadi he is vomiting since Bhairavi force fed him rasgulla. Another bahu and manbhari also say they are vomiting since eating rasgullas. Reeti asks Bhairavi what did she mix in rasgulla and if she ate it. Bhairavi says she did not and shopkeeper gave her stale rasgullas, so they are vomiting. She asks prabha if she did not vomit. Prabha says no. Bhairavi thinks why did not her black magic work.

Bhairvi does black magic on beetle leave with Reeti’s name written on it and asks Kajal to tear it. She does black magic on coconut also and says Reeti’s energy will engrasp in it and Prabha

and Vibhor start hating her.

Bilashi writhes in stomachache. Daadi gives him hanuman chalisa and asks him to recite it. He says nobody will bring outside food. Reeti brings jaljeera. He gets tempted. She says she prepared it at home. He drinks it and feels relaxed.

Vibhor comes happily after getting contract and serves cake to Bilasi. Bilasi says whole family is vomiting after eating outside sweets and asks him to keep box in fridge. Daadi says Bilasi is right and asks Vibhor to go and keep it in fridge.

Bhairavi enters Bilasi’s room and asks how is he now. He says he is fine now. She sees flipped slipper and asks who did it. Bilasi and kaushalya say they don’t. Bhairavi frightens Bilasi that it is very abshagun/inauspicious. He asks him to tell a solution. She asks him to flip it back. He flips it worriedly. She says he can hold his wife’s pallu and can face any problem. He nervously flips slipper back. She says she has kept lemon on stove and leaves. He gets afraid. Kaushalya asks why is he so afraid. He says he is not and just acting and says he will buy her new sari as he does not want her to look better than Bhairavi.

Reeti congratulates Vibhor for his first successful contract. He nods yes. She asks if he is angry on family and says Bhairavi brought rasgullas for family and they all started vomiting after that, so nobody ate his cake, but she will eat it to celebrate his success. He says she can have it tomorrow. He says he has to prepare presentation for bank loan. She asks if she should prepare. He says no and says he will prepare it and will continue until he succeeds.

Precap: Bhairavi does black magic on kumkum and asks Kajal to sprinkle it on Prabha. She sprinkles it on Prabha in lieu of returning her sari. Reeti thinks something is wrong, else why would she come just to return sari even after having backache.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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