Badi Devrani 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor tells all has gone wrong..Reeti text and says she is a teacher..Reeti text and tells to open page no 58..Reeti text and tells there are intial growth and financial responsibilities are written there,,Reeti tell to open economics chapter..Vibhor opens..Reeti text and tells to realise his mistake..Reeti tells she is neither fake nor cheater..Vibhor tells sorry ..Reeti tells she will clear MBA test..Reeti text tells Vibhor to search a maid for house as this is first step for MBA..Vibhor tells Searching a maid is ladie’s work,,,This does not matches his status..Reeti tells that ladies at home dont have status???Vibhor tells its nothing like that,,Vibhor tells he respect his Daadi,,Mother and Tayaaji alot..Vibhor tells to give him a hardwork..Reeti tells its not a easy work..Reeti tells Vibhor

not to be over-confidence and face the situation..Vibhor text says that its looking like he not searching a maid but launching a rocket..Reeti tells honest,Hard-working,,and puntual maid are difficult to find…Daadi tells Prabha that before Maids used to sit near house but its difficult to find now..Manbhari comes along with kajal and tells it is very hot…Prabha asks where is Reeti and she said Kajal to take Reeti with her,,Kajal tells what to say??As what to say Reeti takes alot of time to do some-work As if she gave candle in morning she will light it And she didnt even polished the dishes.. kajal tells that Reeti may take whole day to clean the store-room..Manbhari laughs and tells that she gone with kajal as she can also find maid for house..Manbhari says whole Kolkatta maids are scared of Bilashi and they dont want to come..
Vibhor comes along with laptop and tells not to worry..Vibhor tells tomorrow before 12 maid will come..Prabha tells its not Vibhor’s work,,,Vibhor tells to see in the laptop how he short-listed two maids….Manbhari tells its awesome First she know only to find bride and groom from internet but now she came to know that Maids are too avilable….Manbhari tells to teach her how to operate Computer So that she can find her lost destiny..Vibhor,,kajal and Daadiji laughs..Manbhari laughs..Prabha tells its nothing to laugh..Prabha tells Vibhor to say the truth As Reeti said him to find a maid or what…Vibhor tells he did’nt talk about this matter with Reeti..Nikonj tells Bilashi all..Bilashi laughs..Bilashi tells they will enjoy more…Bilashi sits..Daadaji asks what Bilashi wanted to say..Bilashi tells that he heard from Nikonj that Vibhor is searching a maid for house,,,Bilashi tells Vibhor is trying to compete with him..Bilashi tells its all Sitaram biyani plan..Ghansham its nothing like that..Ghansham asks Nikonj what is the whole matter..Nikonj tells that Online teacher said Vibhor to find maid..Bilashi tells that today Vibhor is searching maid tomorrow will go beg,,and after that will fix the tank..All because of Online teacher..Daadaji tells Ghansham to talk Vibhor…Ghansham tells okay,,Vibhor talks on phone for Maid Interview..Reeti sees..Reeti tells is Vibhor really finding a maid..Vibhor tells yes..
Reeti tells that Vibhor teacher is mad….Vibhor tells not to say against his teacher..Reeti tells she brought oil …If she put on Vibhor then he will be calm…Vibhor tells to go away…Reeti puts oil on her hands and massages to Vibhor..Vibhor tells did really Reeti put Oil..VIbhor says he hates oil..Vibhor pulls Reeti..Reeti and Vibhor comes closer..Both looks at each other… Reeti tells from next time not to try,,Vibhor tells he is not trying…Reeti tells she is going ..Vibhor tells to go…Ghansham comes..Vibhor and Reeti is shocked..

Precap::Vibhor tells Reeti that he wnat her help

Update Credit to: Ansari

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