Badi Devrani 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bilashi asks all the maid about their studies who came for job..Divya’s friend komal tells that this cycle is awesome..Komal tell to give her he cycle..Divya tells no..Komal tells that she will teac her how to ride cycle..Divya tells lets ride..Kajal and Reeti cleans the store-room..Kajal sees Reeti..kajal tells that Reeti’s hairstyle is good But it does not fit in this family…Reeti tells she likes this hairstyle only..Kajal tells that after marriage everyone have to change..kajal tells that in this family late night movies music is not allowed..Kajal tells that whenevr Reeti is away from social networking sites and friends Everyone will like her…Kajal tells she have a work and goes…Reeti sees Vibhor message that he is angry to come fast..Reeti text by saying that she is

busy by she is sorry..Vibhor text that Reeti is less teacher..Reeti text tells that she is a teacher as well as daughter-in law and wife of family.. Reeti tells to understand she was buzy..Vibhor tells he is also a son,,Someone’s brother and also husband but during study he never will caught..Reeti sees the message smiles..Reeti text and tells that Vibhor is her first student who is married..Reeti tells that Who is Vibhor wife and name..VIbhor text and tells that lets talk about studies..Reeti text and tells that VIbhor is newly married..VIbhor asks how she no that he is newly married??Reeti says that from her experience she can say..Vibhor asks what’s her name..Reeti tells that a student should never ask Teacher’s name..Vibhor tells that she asked all about him and not saying her detail..Is it part of MBA portion..Reeti tells yes she will study with Unique ideas..
Vibhor tells that his biggest problem is his wife…Vibhor tells from the day he married his pocket money is stopped….Vibhor tells he dont want to sit on shop…Reeti tells that his student is useless..Vibhor tells that he want to prove all wrong and show that he can do it.Vibhor asks his teacher(Reeti) If she is there with him..
Anotherside Bilashi sees a all the maid and tells that one is tenth fail and another cannot talk..Another is thief….Bilashi tells all can go..One maid tells that this person is mad as he wanted a maid or Miltiry maid!!!..All of them goes….Daadiji tells that enough as all this maids will go and say wrong about PUDDAR family..Daadiji tells that she will only search a maid..Daadiji and Kaushalaya goes..Bilashi tells that these days came that he cannot put a maid..Reeti chat with Vibhor and tells to search a maid for the house..As
As it is a first step of MBA…Vibhor tells what searching a Maid is first step of MBA????Vibhor tells he have a doubt that she is not cheater a fake..Reeti tells that Vibhor is runner,,usedless..Vibhor tells he is not a runner..and he think that She is not teacher and fake..Vibhor tells to open the video chat…Reeti is worried..

Precap::Reeti puts oil on Vibhor’s head..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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