Badi Devrani 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor hugs Prabha and Ghansham and take blessings of Sitaram…Vibhor tells that he is sorry that because of him Everyone is tensed..Vibhor tells that accident his bike slipped he is alright But the other Person has suffered major Injuries..Vibhor tells that he should thanks Papa As Police was making a case of Rash driving but Someone said he is son-in-law of Sitaram Biyani and Complaint was not lodge..Bilashi tells what good in that??As if Vibhor would have taken his name “BILASHI PUDDAR” then Police would have even dropped at home..
Daadaji tells Vibhor that His tayaaji Bilashi will Distribute Sweets in the whole Kolkata,,Bialshi tells that He everytime says will eat Poison But did he?Sitaram says he will distribute the sweet..Dadaji tells no as Bilashi already said..Sitaram tells its okay..Vibhor comes and sees the room decorated,,Reeti comes..Vibhor asks where was Reeti??Reeti tells she was Praying to god..Reeti tells this time was not good for her as her Senses stopped and she was worried..Reeti tells that Vibhor is her husband..Vibhor says he has some work..Vibhor text his teacher saying he passed in last task and got hundred out of hundred..He says his wife is very happy from him and decorated the room..Reeti text and tells to sleep as tommorrow is exam..Vibhor tells one last Request,,Vibhor ask after exam also they can continue the chat??Reeti text and tells no..Vibhor tells one last time to meet him..Reeti text and tells that she will not meet…Vibhor tells Reeti to come.. Reeti asks what happen??Vibhor tells that he wanted to meet his online teacher but she refused…He tells Reeti to request….Reeti text and tells to meet her husband..,Again Reeti reply as Teacher and tells she will meet but at one condition..If Vibhor passed with good Marks..Vibhor gets happy and says yes… Vibhor hugs Reeti..Reeti gets happy..Vibhor feels shy and tells that morning his exam is there he want to sleep..Reeti says that she is waiting for the day her wish is fulfilled…Next morning Vibhor sleeps Reeti comes and tells to get up..Reeti tells to get up fast as there will be late..Vibhor asks Reeti is also coming??Reet says yes…Reeti goes and Pray to God..

Precap::Reeti asks Megha If she like anyone??

Update Credit to: Ansari

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