Badi Devrani 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti tells Sitaram about her problem,,Sitaram tells its okey…Vibhor is sleeping..Ghansham comes and sees…Ghansham tells that Vibhor cares for them,,His intention was not to slap Vibhor..Ghansham tells that by anyhow have to save the shop..Door bell rings..Prabha and GHhansham is shocked..Daadaji is shocked to see Sitaram..Daadaji tells Sitaram to come and sit..Sitaram comes and sits..Sitaram tells that he wanted to talk about children..Sitaram tells that Reeti said about shop and If the shop is not saved then licence will be taken,,Sitaram tells that….Kaushalaya tells when Bilashi will come it will e a problem..Sitaram tells to forget about about Past..Daadaji tells to say clearly,,Sitaram tells he came For asking Vibhor’s hand..Reeti and Vibhor look good together.. Everyone

is shocked….
Sitaram tells that his daughter is very good..Sitaram tells that If Reeti love anyone would have not sitting at home..Sitaram tells to think,,Sitaram tells that Problem can be solved..Bilashi comes clapping..Bilashi tells that his daughter insulted them and he came to clean it,,Bilashi tells If Sitaram would not feel ashame,,Sitram tells it was a misunderstanding..Bilashi tells How dare he came to home,,Bilashi tells Nikonj to show..Nikonj shows on friendsbook,,.Sitaram is shocked to see..Sitaram tells he apologise for that..Bilashi tells If he cannot handle his children to come and take tution from them,,Sitaram tells he is not in the situation to tell but to think once,,Bilashi tells that no matter what Reeti will be never daughter in law,,Bilashi tells If anyone agreed in this house he will beat his nose..Sitaram goes..Bilashi goes back of Sitaram and tells he have to clean the whole house,,Sitaram goes out of the house..BIlashi closes the door..
Prabha tells how dare Sitaram talked about Vibhor.Prabha tells that Vibhor can talk in English well and her one and only son,,he is highly educated in family done,,.And Reeti is five year older..Kaushalya tells Prabha to cool down..Vibhor eats..Bilashi comes and tells Good morning,,Bilashi tells that the whole family is once again felt ashamed..Vibhor asks Ghansham..He tells that Sitaram agreed for help but at one condition..Vibhor asks what??Ghansham tells that Sitaram wants Vibhor to marry Reeti…Vibhor is shocked..

Precap::Manbhari tells that Sitaram atleast has a solution..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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