Badi Devrani 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha gives Reeti work to do,,To clean the dishes..Vibhor text Reeti by saying should he wait..Reeti slowly cleans the glass..Reeti tells that before she didnt did this thats why..But now she will learn..Kajal comes and asks didnt finished the work till now..Prabha tells that Reeti only learnt to talk on phone..Prabha tells to help her..Kajal tells she will..Kajal tells Reeti have a nice face but why making such face,,Prabha tells that she is not scolding just telling to learn..As she too like people who learn and do hardwork.. Reeti tells she will do..Prabha tells to call Vibhor..Reeti goes..Reeti text Vibhor that she was busy with some work and Should they start the studies…Reeti tells why Vibhor is not replying..Reeti sees in the room but does’nt find Vibhor..Reeti tells she is sorry..At

night Reeti sleeps..Reeti tells its 12 and Vibhor didnt came till now,,VIbhor comes..Reeti asks where he was and why was this much late???? Vibhor tells Reeti not to ask questions like wife..Reeti tells yes..Vibhor tells his Mood is off because of Online teacher..First day shown dreams Of teaching but ignored…Vibhor goes washroom..Reeti tells that she will sleep Vibhor can switch on the lights If he want to study She will put bedsheet and sleep..Vibhor comes out of Bathroom tells that to stop talking like radio As already his mood is off… Vibhor tells that this online tution and all are fake..Vibhor sleeps..Reeti tells that Vibhor even switch off the lights and today didnt studies anything, Next morning Vibhor talks with Naman and tells to say some tution..Reeti listens..Vibhor tells morning morning his mood is off..Reeti asks how??Vibhor tells why Reeti is listening him??Reeti tells that Vibhor is talking soo loudly..Reeti tells Vibhor to go in another room..Vibhor tells Reeti to go kitchen and help in breakfast..Reeti agrees..Reeti goes washroom along with phone.Vibhor sees and tells why she is taking phone in washroom??Reeti keeps the phone and goes…Kaushalya and Reeti,,Daadiji sees Bilashi standing on ladder and cleaning the Chandelier..
Bilashi tells its not circus he is cleaning the whole house…Bilashi tells he will never come till he clean all the house…As all the servent take money easily and go..He is “Bilashi puddar” will show how to clean the house.. Reeti sees mobile..Bilashi tells that Reeti will capture his picture and sent to his father So that father will sent it to whole society,,Reeti tells no its nothing like that..Reeti tells Bilashi that she will clean..Bilashi tells no First to go and clean Vibhor’s room…Reeti goes…Bilashi tells kaushalya not to stand like queen Victoria,,Bilashi tells his mother..Daadiji tells Bilashi to clean all the wall properly otherwise her hand and Bilashi’s ear..Daadiji goes..Kaushalya also goes..Reeti goes in the storeroom and sees all the toys..
Manbhari comes and tells that Reeti have to go Bazar…Manbhari tells that Kajal went shop and buyed a expensive saree but Saree was faulted..Now the Saree have to exchange..Manbhari tells Kajal to take Reeti along with her…Manbhari tells that there will be more mutul understanding and love between them..Manbhari tells that Reeti is from Big house will understand..Manbhari tells that as Reeti will go then the shopkeeper will agree easily to exchange and buy a new Saree..Kajal gets angry,,Manbhari tells Kajal to help Reeti..Manbhari goes…

Precap::Vibhor tells Reeti to on the video chat..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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