Badi Devrani 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ghansham calls Vibhor friend..Payal tells that somthing is fish..Payal tells that Vibhor is at Reeti”s home..Manbhari tells that why Sitaram will lie..Bilashi tells that in every word of Sitaram there is some trap…Bilashi tells lets go Sitaram house and check,,Manbhari tells Bilashi not to go as if he lost then all army have to search..Bilashi gets angry..Ghansham calls Reeti,,,Prabha asks where is Vibhor???Reeti tells that Vibhor was at her home as it was mother’s birthday..Prabha tells then why Divya lied??Prabha tells that Reeti and whole family is making fool..Bilashi tells from that time Sitaram and his whole family making fool…Daadiji asks where is Vibhor??Prabha asks where is Vibhor..Reeti tells that Vibhor gone half an hour before only..Prabha shouts and tells that his

son Vibhor is lost…Reeti cuts the phone..Prabha cries..Anotherside Reeti cries..Sitaram and Indira comes…Sitaram tells he already said not to lie..Sitaram tells that its too late there will be no traffic Vibhor cant go anyone”s home then where did he went??Reeti cries…Reeti tells her father Sitaram to do something..Sitaram tells they have to find out Vibhor..Reeti tells Indira that Vibhor would be alright..Indira tells all will be alright…Reeti hugs Indira and cries..Sitaram is also worried..Prabha cries..Prabha tells If anything happen to Vibhor she will not leave Reeti…Prabha tells that If she did anything good in life to save Vibhor…Sitaram,,Indira,,Reeti and Divya comes along with Police..Everyone is shocked..Ghansham tells at this time all are here???Police officer tells that they got a motarcycle on the road..Officer asks Ghansham is that of Vibhor??Prabha asks where is her son????Ghansham tells to quiet..Ghansham tells the number is of Vibhor’s bike..Ghansham ask where was Vibhor bike??Sitaram tells that accident has happened..Everyone is shocked..Sitaram tells Someone has Bumped into Vibhor bike..They got the bike but not Vibhor…Prabha cries..Prabha tells that her Vibhor..Reeti cries and tells “MAAJI”…Prabha holds Reeti and ask where is her Son Vibhor??Daadiji tells Prabha to quiet..Prabha tells Reeti came in Vibhor life all bad happened..Indira goes but Sitaram stops..Reeti tells Prabha to forgive her..Reeti hugs Daadiji and cries and tells she didnt did anything..Daadiji tells that she known that its not Reeti’s fault..
Sitram tells Ghansham that he understand How Ghansham is feeling he is Sorry for that..Divya tells she was tensed and lied..Bilashi tells to enough and not to show fake concern and tear’s..Bilashi tells to Pray god otherwise he will not leave Sitaram..Ghansham shouts tell BIlashi that standing fighting nothing will happened..Ghansham tells to Bilashi lets go and search vibhor..Sitaram tells that he alerted Police all are in search..Bilashi tells Jugal and Nikonj to come..Bilashi turns and gets shocked..Daadiji,,Sitaram,,Indira,,Manbhari and Reeti turns and sees VIbhor standing..Reeti gets happy..Prabha cries,,,Sitaram gets happy…Reeti runs and goes near Vibhor..Prabha closes her eyes and cries..Ghansham tells Prabha..Prabha sees Vibhor…

Precap::Reeti welcomes Vibhor

Update Credit to: Ansari

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