Badi Devrani 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti comes at airport.Sitaram tells that they missed the flight….Bilashi claps and tells that when he comes out of House Evereyone will be happy..Vibhor comes…Vibhor tells that today he proved himself and all problem will be solved..Ghansham slaps Vibhor..Everyone is shocked..Ghansham shows Picture to Vibhor..Vibhor gets shocked..Ghansham scolds Vibhor and tells that atleast he didnt thought about family,,,Bilashi tells he will wear flower’s…Sitaram scolds Reeti…Sitaram tells that they missed the flight..Mothers asks Reeti..Reeti’s sister tells that it was traffic…Reeti tells that she wanted to talk..Door bell rings..Servent tells that “Pushkar Agarwal” came..Sitaram welcomes..Pushkar agarwal tells that they wanted to talk about Reeti..Vibhor tells Bilashi that he gone to take help..Vibhor tells that he taught she was a good girl..Kaushalaya tells that Vibhor wanted to help..Bilashi gets angry and tells that it means he is wrong and Vibhor is right..Bilashi tells that from today onwards his wife is dead,,,Bilashi puts water on himself and tells its last rites..Kaushalaya cries while everyone is shocked…Bilashi goes..Vibhor goes from house..Mr Agarwal tells that Reeti will be very happy..Sitaram tells that he heard the boy marriage breaked twice and used to beat wife,,Mr Agarwal tells he heard many things about Reeti also..Sitaram tells that he will think and tell..
Kajal tells Nikonj that he will talk to his father,,NIkonj tells no need..Kajal tells she was telling because all are worried..Nikonj tells no and goes..Vibhor plays Football angrily..Coach tells Vibhor to go and sit,,,,Vibhor friends makes fun of him and laughs..Vibhor tells not to laugh as he will break the jaw..Another friend What happened to Vibhor their “CHRISTIAN RONALDO”,,Not making any goal…Vibhor tells to shut up..Friends tells sorry..Vibhor’s friend tells that he is very innocent anyone can trap him,,,Vibhor tells that he thought Reeti was a nice girl,,But she did this all because of Family revenge and all..Reeti comes and talks to Sitaram about Vibhor..

Precap::Sitaram comes to Vibhor’s house…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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