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Badi Devrani 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor asks Antara what happened???Vibhor tells Antara he want to talk something..Vibhor tells If Antara teached something his councelling would be good..He tells will prepare here only..Vibhor asks Antara gow to prepare for Group discussion???Antara is confused..Antara tells “Ji”..VIbhor is shocked.. Reeti tells that style of speaking…Vibhor asks next question..Vibhor tells which college he would join??Antara tells IIM..Vibhor tells today they are taking everthing in humour..Bilashi calls and tells Vibhor that he got cycle..Vibhor is worried..
Vibhor tells that his cycle handle was yellow..Vibhor tells that its is not his cycle and cuts the call..Vibhor switch off the phone..Bilashi calls Naman and tells to give phone to Vibhor..Naman tells that Vibhor is not at his home…Bilashi

tells Shopkeeper that he will not give the cycle??He tells what is this??Shopkeeper tells now Bilashi will see,,Shopkeeper calls two goons,,Bilashi sees and gets afraid..
Jugal tells the two goons that the way he came will run the same way…Jugal and Bialshi runs..Shopkeeper tells the two people to catch..Antara tells Indira that almost Vibhor would known the truth..Indira tells she only said Reeti not to reveal about her MBA degree..She hide because she dont Reeto and Vibhor relationship to break..She felt good..Indira tells seeing Vibhor she was very happy As he is very good boy keeps everyone happy…Divya tells yes Vibhor and Reeti are a Rocking Couple..Indira tells Reeti to keep Vibhor happy…Reeti says herself that she cannot help Vibhor….Anotherside Vibhor is tensed Reeti comes..Reeti tells that Vibhor is in tension..Vibhor tells that he sold his cycle as he was not having money..Vibhor says sorry..Bilashi and Jugal comes home..Bilashi calls Ghansham..Everyone comes..Ghansham asks why Bilashi shouting like this as Fire brokedown or what??Bilashi tells that Vibhor is enjoying not studying.Prabha tells that his son is not like this..Bilashi says to call Naman and enquire….Vibhor tells Reeti that he lied..Reeti tells that Vibhor should solve his problem..He says all happened because of Online teacher..Vibhor tells he cannot face his father,,Vibhor goes..Reeti tells Vibhor is right all his problems are given by her..Reeti tells there is only one solution that he should tell truth to Vibhor..anotherside Ghansham calls Naman,,Bilashi tells not to waste time as Vibhor is a lier..Prabha ask what happened??Ghansham tells that Vibhor phone is not reachable and Naman is not picking..Prabha to call Reeti and enquire…Reeti brings Coffee for Vibhor..Reeti search Vibhor..Divya tells that Vibhor gone..she says that Vibhor started the bike and when she asked Vibhor said he is going home and to inform Reeti..Reeti gets worried..Reeti and Divya is worried..Ghansham calls Divya..Ghansham tells that Vibhor is not at home and they are tensed..Ghanshama asks If Vibhor is there,,Divya tells Vibhor is not here…Reeti tells why Divya lied??Reeti tells she will call home and tell the truth..Everyone is worried at Vibhor house…Prabha tells it was Reeti”s responsibility to call and tell..Reeti tells all must be worried

Precap::Sitaram comes along with Police at Vibhor’s house Police Officer asks if the number belongs to Vibhor cycle

Update Credit to: Ansari

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