Badi Devrani 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor calls Reeti,,Reeti picks up the phone..Vibhor tells that he wanted to meet Reeti..Reeti tells she is going delhi and at 2pm is his flight,,Vibhor tells that its a matter of life and death Vibhor tells that he is driving..,,Vibhor tells he will be waiting at college…Suddenly Vibbhor puts break..Vibhor’s phone falls and breaks,,Vibhor goes and picks up..Vibhor tells that conversation was not completed…… Bilashi tells Ghansham that Vibhor is wating petrol,,,Bilashi tells he dont have trust on Vibhor what he will help in future..Daadaji tells that Vibhor is small,,Bilashi tells that Vibhor will do something that theer will be no respect,,Daadijii tells nothing will happened.,,Bilashi tells he is not lying…Vibhor waits…Reeti comes…Vibhor tells that he was

waiting for Reeti…And tells that he was really happy that Reeti came..Reeti asks what was the urgent thing that he called her??Vibhor tells to promise him not to tell anything to other!!!Vibhor tells all to Reeti about the shop…Reeti’s sister call Reeti..Driver picks the phone…She asks where is Reeti??Driver tells that Reeti is ghat…Sister tells that Father will scold..Vibhor tells Reeti that his uncle said that only Reeti’s father Sitaram can help them..As their family buisness will be destroyed…
Vibhor tells that only his Taayajii Bilashi said everything in anger but his father is very a good person,,Ghansham cries..Ghansham asks Prabha where is Vibhor tells that this much serious Problem have arrived and Vibhor is missing..Ghansham tells that his shop will lost..Vibhor cries..Prabha tells everything will be alright not to loose hope..Reeti’s sister comes and asks Driver where is Reeti..Vibhor tells Reeti that everything is in hands of Sitaram,,Vibhor tells that someone trapped his father and this much happened if Reeti want to help its her decison he is not forcing..Driver comes along with Reeti’s sister..Driver sees Vibhor and tells that this is the person..Reeti’s sister tels that because of them only Reeti’s life is spoiled and they are only asking help..Sister takes picture of Reeti and Vibhor..Vibhor tells Reeti to tell him and think once..Vibhor tells that he will search a boy for Reeti..Reeti tells it means that he is giving bribe..Vibhor tells its nothing like that..Vibhor tells that Reeti’s flight will miss..Reeti tells okey and goes..Vibhor smiles…Bilashi comes and sings,,,Bilashi tells that their shop will be closed..Ghansham comes and tells that nothing will happen to shop..Bilashi tells he is telling as if Shop has cold and fever It will be good by a tablet…Nikonj comes and shows picture to Daadaji,,Bilashi sees smiles and throws the phone..

Precap:Precap::Bilashi tells that his wife is dead for him…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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