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Badi Devrani 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhor calling Manbhari to fix his shirt button. Reeti says manbhari is in kitchen and she will fix button. He agrees. She fixes it and asks not to move, else needle will prick him. He gets a call and moves and needle pricks. He shouts at her that she purposefully pricked it. Reeti says she hold him not to move, but he did. He leaves angrily.

Bhairavi vamp sees that and happily runs into Kaajal’s room and tells needle did it work and Vibhor and Reeti foguht. Kajal says it is a good news and dances on bed. Bhairavi asks if her backache is gone now. Kajal says she is fine and did drama to call her here. Bhairavi vamp laughs like evil and says her daughter has become good actress now.

Reeti gives butter milk to daadi. Daadi thanks her and praises her that she loves her, so she gives her butter milk daily. Vibhor comes home with high fever accompanied by his friend. Daadi asks Reeti to call doc. She calls but doc says he cannot come at this time. Whole family gathers around Vibor’s bed. Prabha gets very tensed and asks Reeti again to call doc. Reeti calls, but doc says again he cannot come right now. Prabha asks who will lower Vibhor’s fever now.

Bhairavi vamp enters and says she will lower Vibhor’s fever. Prabha gets angry seeing her. Bhairavi vamp sits next to Vibhor and says she will give her herbs to vibhor. She takes her herbal medicine bottle and is about to give it to vibhor when Reeti stops her and says doc will be coming now. Bhairavi says she will wait until doc comes. Doc does not turn up, so Bhairavi starts her black magic shouting mantras loudly, holding medicine on Vibhor’s palm. She then tells Prabha that everything will be fine now. Prabha checks Vibhor’s fever and sees it surprisingly coming down. She tells Daadi that his fever is down now. Reeti shockingly sees whole incident.

Precap: Bhairavi performs black magic with lemon and needles and tells Kajal she will even pierce swords to make her owner of this house. Reeti sees wound on Vibhor’s chest and he says it is needle prick wound. Reeti realizes that his fever was due to Bhairavi’s needle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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