Badi Devrani 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor apologises to Reeti..Reeti tells that Vibhor is very nice and kindhearted..Reeti goes…Nikonj tells Daadaji that how will they manage all this,,As there is no way…Daadajii tells that after sorrow there will be happinnes,,Just they have to wait,,Manisha tells Daadijii that all are unhappy in house,,Daadiji tells that some big problem is there thats why all are worried,,Manbhari comes and tells Prabha that license is seized…Daadajii listens and gets angry..Daadaji calls Manbhari..Manisha tells Daadaji that she will talk to her father,,Daadaji agrees and goes…Reeti’s sister asks if everthing is alright as they came soo soon…Sister tells that How dare they can do like this As five years before only they did a big drama..Bindiya tells that she wish some day Bilashi

and his family come and feel sorry for the insult they did of Reeti..
Bilashi tells to buy vegetables as the days has come,,As he was away from some days this thing happened,,,Bilashi tells Nikonj to see some job…Vibhor asks what happened??Bilashi tells very much happened..Bilashi tells all this happened because of Ghansham..Vibhor’s Uncle comes and tells that he have tried alot of things but no solution..Uncle tells that only sitaram can help them,,Even commissioner will listen to Sitaram…Bilashi tells that Even if he die will not ask water to Sitaram,,Daadaji tells that why will Sitaram help them…Bilashi tells he will sell vegetables..Sitaram is sitting..Reeti’s mother tells that Sumer works in their factory is very good,,Only mother is there…Sitaram tells no way..As what people will tell May be Reeti lack something thats why they married her to a employee,,Sitaram tells Reeti’s marriage will happen in a high class family…MOther tells that Reeti is twenty six years old and its hard to find a boy in ten days,,People will also see girl’s age…Sitaram tells that he care about Reeti He just want Reeti to be happy and dont want Reeti to compromise..Sitaram tells that miracle will happen and Reeti will find her life partner within ten days…Ghansham tells that he will go to kedarnath…Daadaji tells okey…Vibhor tells he want motorbike keys..Bilashi tells that here there is problem and going to enjoy…Biashi tells that Vibhor is prime minister and If he didnt go then all work will be stop,,Vibhor tells he have work and goes….

Precap::Vibhor calls Reeti and tells that he want to meet…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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