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Badi Devrani 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti burns chillies and brings powder for Kajal. Bhairavi apologizes her for troubling as she does not like bad energy around when she does pooja. She starts beating her. Manbhari asks why is she beating her. She says to stop Reeti’s cough and says Reeti is very weak. Manbhari says she did not even enter kitchen in her life and she had many servants around her in her parent’s house. Bhairavi asks then why did not he marriage happen for so many years and why did Bilashi reject her and selected Kajal for Nikunj. Reeti gets devastated hearing that and runs from there.

Manbhari runs behind her, but stops seeing Ghanshyam and says Bhairavi started her drama again and insulted Reeti. She asks Bilashi to tell his samdhi to mind her tongue and be in her limits. Bilashi says even

she has a big tongue and should have confronted directly instead of coming and complaining him. She says she respects guests, else she would have taught her a lesson.

Daadi asks Bhairavi to mind her tongue and be like a guest here and not interfere in their family issues. Reeti is her bahu now and dignity and she does not like anyone insulting her dignity. Bhairavi says she will keep it in mind. Ghanshyam tells Bilashi that Bhairavi creates trouble always and reminds him how she troubled Prabha during Nikunj’s marriage. Bilashi yells that he does not like his guests and asks him to build a partition wall between house to stop seeing his guests.

Reeti cries in her room reminiscing Bilashi and Bhairavi’s insult. Manbhari comes and asks her not to pay heed to Bhairavi’s words. Reeti says why is she digging old graves now. Manbhari says if Prabha would have been here she would not have dared to even stay here.

Vibhor gets his friend’s call to wear blue shirt for business meeting. He sees blue shirt’s button broken and goes to take family lady’s help. Everyone deny to help him.

Bhairavi while enjoying apple asks Kajal who likes and don’t like kajal in this house. Kajal says except Bilashi, her and Nikunj, everyone likes her. She asks what about Prabha. Kajal says likes Reeti a lot. Bhairavi says Prabha even does not like her. She says they will have to get Reeti and Vibhor together to make them fight. Kajal asks her not to leave this house until she says.

Vibhor enters Manbhari’s room and asks her to fix his shirt button. She tries needling thread and asks Reeti needle it. Reeti checks and says needle is rusted. Vibhor says it is okay, he will wear another shirt. Manbhari asks him to wait and asks Reeti to get needle from Kajal.

Kajal enjoys nonveg in her room and tells Bhairavi that she had forgotten its taste after coming to this house and asks what if anyone will know about it. Bhairavi shows room freshener bottle and says until it is there, nobody will now. Reeti comes and asks Kajal to give her needle to fix Vibhor’s shirt button. Kajal says she does not have. Bhairavi gives her needle and sends and then tells Kajal that she gave her greased needle and when she will fix button, needle with poke into Vibhor’s body and he will fight with Reeti.

Reeti gets needle and gives it to Manbhari. Manbhari asks her to fix vibhor’s button instead and thinks she is doing this to unite her and Vibhor. Daadi comes and tells Manbhari is right, Reeti should fix Vibhor’s button. Reeti asks what if he gets angry. Daadi says he will not and sends her.

Precap: Vibor gets high fever. Prabha gets worried and asks Reeti to call doc. Reeti calls doc and doc says he cannot come immediately. Prabha asks how will Vibhor’s fever lower. Bhairavi enters and says she will… Prabha is surprised to see her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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