Badi Devrani 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bilashi asks Reeti If she remebered..Reeti thinks.. On Mehendi cermony Bilashi tells Nikonj that Reeti is in love with Sameer his servant,,Bilashi tells that invitation card has been sent by Reeti to prove that she loves Reeti..
Reeti’s father tells that it is somone’s trap,,Bilashi tells that he has seen Reeti and Sameer,,Reeti cries and tells its not true..Sitaram tells that If Reeti like Sameer would have come and said him,,Bilashi tells that it was planned by Reeti..Bilashi tells he is breaking this marriage..Bilashi tears invitation card…Reeti thinks this all..Vibhor tells it means Reeti is the girl was marrying to Nikonj…Bilashi tells Reeti Love from one and Marriage from anotherone..Bilashi tells that Girls Like Reeti is a black spot for family..Sitaram comes..BIlashi

tells having a girl like Reeti parents should be like Childless..Rajiv’s mother tells that it was good that his son Rajiv is not married to Reeti…As Reeti is characterless..Bilashi tells that If Sitaram have seen Reeti properly her character would have not like this..Sitaram tells enough,,tells that someone has trapped them infact of trusting they broked the marriage,,Because of Fake weeding card..Reeti’s marriage was broked,,Sitaram tells that because of Bilashi they are going through this situation..Sitaram tells Rajiv’s parents that If he opened his mouth no one will marry Rajiv..Rajiv tested Reeti by telling to clean his shoes..
Sitaram tells that her daughter is his pride..Sitaram tells that daughter like Reeti are very good..Sitaram promise that he will find a life partner for Reeti in tendays…Bilashi tells that Sitaram hide and gone…Vibhor tells that Tayaaji insulted alot in marriage..And his image also spoiled infront of Reeti…Anotherside Vibhor’s Daadaji is shocked to known that his shop license will be seized in four days…Antara tells Sitaram that VIbhor is also bad…Groom’s father comes and apologises Sitaram,,Sitaram tells that he cannot wait here anymore…Sitaram goes Bilashi comes and taunts..If Reeti will be married or run from house…Bilashi tells that in ten days If Reeti is married He will dance..Sitaram tells that in ten days he will do Reeti’s marriage and will serve “KESER CHAMCHAM” to Bilashi..Sitaram tells Bilashi to start counting the days…

Precap::Bilashi tells that he was away for somedays the shop is closing

Update Credit to: Ansari

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