Badi Devrani 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Badi Devrani 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti chat with Vibhor as buyer,,Vibhor tells thirty thousand..Reeti sends text tells done..Vibhor tells he will give the cycle at bus-stop..Reeti tells as soon as possible..Reeti tells to meet near Mandir..Vibhor tells that he will come but which temple???Reeti text Kuldevi Temple..Vibhor agrees…Reeti smiles…Vibhor slowly sees outside his room and takes his cycle slowly….Vibhor takes the cycle and runs..Vibhor puts the cycle in the car…Reeti comes and asks where Vibhor is going???Vibhor tells they will Kuldevi temple..Vibhor tells he is getting late..Reeti tells they are going temple not for movie..VIbhor tells to sit…Reeti asks what Vibhor is doing with cycle???Vibhor tells that cycle has to be repair…
Megha calls Vibhor but Vibhor ignores start the car and

goes….Reeti asks Vibhor why he is irritated soon..Vibhor tells Reeti to quiet..Reeti asks in Temple bicycle is repaired…VIbhor tells to shut up otherwise REeti will be out of Car..Vibhor goes and asks the person why traffic is jam..The person tells that some work is going on..The person tells that Vibhor can go in cycle If his wife is preganant..Vibhor tells Reeti that she is feeling dizziness..Reeti asks why???Vibhor tells that there is only way..The cycle..Vibhor asks If Reeti sits behind him on cycle..Reeti tells yes she will sit…Vibhor rides Bicycle while Reeti sits..Reeti tells Vibhor that Cycle is good..Vibhor tells Reeti to shut up…Vibhor tells Reeti to go temple..Reetei tells she will wait…Vibhor tells that he is husband and Reeti should listen to him….Reeti agrees and goes..Reeti calls her friend Jhanvi and asks if she is ready and standing back of temple..Jhanvi tells yes…
Jhanvi waits..Vibhor comes and tells that he brought cycle..Vibhor tells that this is gents cycle..Jhanvi tells that she is taking it for her brother..Jhanvi gives money Vibhor takes it..Vibhor tells there is one request to keep the cycle in good condition as he loves it..Reeti sees from above..Vibhor goes but turns and sees the cycle..Vibhor gets upset but goes…Vibhor sits..Reeti comes and asks what happened???Vibhor tells that his cycle has lost..He didnt locked the cycle when gone and check someone took it…Reeti tells that they will go to police and complain..Vibhor gets shocked and tells what??????Vibhor tells he dont want to involve in these matter’s…Reeti tells okay…Reeti’s friend Jhanvi tells that she cannot take the cycle..Reeti tells please…Jhanvi tells she cannot..Reeti tells Vibhor that she have to go at her friend’s house..Vibhor tells Reeti can go As their ways are different…Vibhor goes..Reeti smiles…..Reeti goes and sees bicycle..Song goes on background ” Raabta”…Reeti thinks how Vibhor ride the bicycle…Reeti smiles…Reeti takes the bicycle and comes to her father’s home…Reeti is shocked to see Vibhor sitting…

Precap::Prabha scolds Reeti and tells that she ignored Megha and gone…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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