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Badi Devrani 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti tells Vibhor to read whatever he want..Reeti tells that books she brought..Vibhor tells that room is his So no one will stop him reading this..Vibhor asks if Reeti is mad..Vibhor tells himself to relax…Vibhor goes..Reeti sees hallticket and hides..VIbhor comes…Vibhor asks what Reeti is hiding??Reeti tells nothing…Vibhor tells to give…Reeti tells she was just adjusting her sari..Vibhor tells he will open the sari..Reeti tells Vibhor cannot touch her..Reeti tells she will show but to turn..Vibhor turns…Reeti asks If his eyes are closed..Reeti tells If eyes are really closed…Reeti runs…Vibhor runs..Reeti comes and sees Manisha taking milk…Vibhor comes…Reeti runs..Vibhor runs back of Reeti..Reeti sees Kaushalaya doing Pooja..Reeti stands behind

Kaushalaya…VIbhor comes and stands near kaushalaya,,Vibhor slows moves towards Reeti..REeti runs..Vibhor tries to catch Reeti Kaushalaya hits…Kaushalya asks what Vibhor is doing???Vibhor tells nothing..Reeti goes..Vibhor goes back of Reeti…Manisha makes tea,,Reeti comes to kitchen and asks Did manisha put sugar..Manisha tells yes…Vibhor comes and asks did Manisha tells yes she put sugar,,Manisha tells yes..Manisha asks what happened to both of them???Reeti and Vibhor both Simultaneously asks did Manisha put ginger??MAnisha tells yes…Kaushalya calls Manisha..Manisha goes..
Manisha tells Reeti to make Tea..Reeti agrees…..Vibhor laughs and tells who will save Reeti???Vibhor tells now to stop the Tom and jerry game..Vibhor tries to snatch…Reeti tells enough as tea is falling..VIbhor tickles Reeti and tells to show…Reeti tells no…Reeti shouts..Reeti tells that mother came..Vibhor tells stop lying…Prabha asks what is going on..Vibhor sees and tells sorry..Prabha tells what is this going on??Prabha tells that Reeti cannot go Goa So making this house Goa..Prabha tells to follw the rules..Prabha goes..Vibhor also goes…Reeti tears the Hall ticket..Vibhor does the laptop..Reeti comes..Vibhor tells stop it..Reeti tells she was just teasing..Reeti tells that she get bore thats y talking..Vibhor tells he have more paper’s MBA paper,,,Reeti comes and sits..Vibhor asks what Reeti is doing???Reeti tells she is giving back the books As Vibhor only said..Vibhor tells he dont want..Reeti tells okay…Vibhor tells he want as dont have money..Reeti tells atleast to tell thanks..Vibhor tells for coaching he have to arrange thirty thousand..Reeti tells what thirty thousand??Vibhor tells what Reeti is thinking He will not to take three rupees from Vibhor..Vibhor goes..Reeti tells she will arrange the money..Everyone does breakfast Daadiji tells to Vibhor and Reeti have to go temple,,,reeti tells yes they will go..Vibhor tells he cannot go…
Daadaji tells they have to pray for shop..Daadiji asks how??Daadaji tells that now-a-days mobile,,Internet and all that why..Ghansham tells that easily can sell on Internet like old and new things and there are many buyer’s..Bilashi tells Daadaji to open a buisness on Internet..Vibhor listens and gets an idea…Reeti comes and sees everything messed up in the room..Reeti asks what Vibhor did…Vibhor tells “Oh hello”…Reeti asks where??Vibhor tells back…Reeti tells where..Vibhor tells up…Reeti sees Vibhor sitting on almira…..Reeti asks what Vibhor is doing there???Vibhor tells that searching his destiny..He lost when he got married..Reeti tells that she too lost. Vibhor comes down…Reeti gets hurt..Vibhor to be careful as its his bag. .Vibhor tells he got destiny…Reeti asks what Vibhor is doing???Vibhor tells to stup up..Reeti sees reciept of Vibhor cycle of fourty two thousand…Vibhor goes..Reeti tells that Vibhor is selling his bicycle..Reeti downloads the app..Vibhor asks what Reeti is doing…Reeti tells nothing!!!!!!!Vibhor tells to come..Vibhor asks what Reeti is doing..Reeti tells she was deleting the request on facebook…Vibhor tells yes he is also irritated..Vibhor tells Reeti to clean the room..Reeti cleans the room..Reeti downloads the application.

Precap::Reeti chats with Vibhor

Update Credit to: Ansari

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