Badi Devrani 10th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

VIbhor tells he will give one tip to Reeti..Vibhor gives Reeti coffee..Reeti tells Coffee??Vibhor tells that in Tip money or Coffee it does not matter..Divya laughs..Reeti gets angry..Vibhor tells Reeti if VIbhor mixed something to irritate him ,,Reeti tells she want a long drive… Vibhor tells they will go on bike..Divya tells on Bike??Divya tells its very romantic..Reeti tells she wont go on bike as last time she fall from bike..Vibhor tells they will give on Bicycle..Divya tells yes they have cycle..Reeti tells no…Reeti tells she is not feeling good..Reeti goes along with Divya..Divya asks Reeti why she acted like this????Reeti tells that cycle is of Vibhor..Divya is shocked..
Divya tells that Cycle is punctured…Reeti tells what?Divya tells yes they she was learning how to

ride bicycle..Reeti tells Divya not to bring cycle from shop….Divya agrees ,VIbhor search on net “HOW TO IMPRESS GIRLS”..VIbhor sees on result saying “TO MAKE THEIR MOTHER HAPPY,,ONE CAN IMPRESS GIRLS TOO”..Vibhor tells he have to impress Indira,,,Vibhor comes and sits near Indira..Indira asks did Vibhor want anything..VIbhor gives “Happy Birthday” card to Indira..Indira thanks Vibhor,,Tell that she is very happy as Vibhor made card from hands…Sitaram tells its Raining and to close the windows..Indira goes…Divya tells that climate is good and she should sent both VIbhor and Reeti..DIvya tells VIbhor that Indira like JHALMODI very much..If He bring Vibhor will be happy…Vibhor tell he will bring Jhalmodi..Indira comes and asks where Vibhor is going???Reeti tells that Vibhor is going to bring “JHALMODI”..Indira tells she love JHALMODI..Divya tells Reeti to go with Vibhor..REeti tells no..Indira tells Reeti to go as Vibhor dont know the shop…Reeti goes…Divya tells her plan is successful..Prabha comes and sits and near Manbhari..Prabha tells Manbhari to Think before what she tell.. Prabha tells that she also Care about Megha..Manbhari tells that it was decided that Megha and Vibhor would marry at the same time…Prabha tells that Vibhor wedding happened in hurry,,Prabha tells Manbhari to understand..Prabha tells Manbhari that If Manbhari said anything then Vibhor life will be destroyed…Manbhari tells that secret is related to Vibhor and If God also came she will not tell to anyone..Vibhor and Reeti comes outside Market…Reeti tells Vibhor to go and bring vegetables as Indira will be happy…Vibhor goes near Vegetable vendor and tells to give some green chilly,,Vendor asks how many???Vibhor tells one kg..Reeti sees and smiles…Vibhor sees Reeti angrily and tells two kg…Vendor is shocked…Reeti takes Vibhor picture,,,Vibhor poses funny…Vibhor friend comes and tells HI to Vibhor..Friends tells that Vibhor is not coming to enjoy with them..Friends tells that Vibhor is buying Vegetables because Reeti is from a rich Family and Vibhor would be behind her,,Vibhor is a typical husband..VIbhor gets angry while Reeti sees…

Precap::Sitaram Invites Ghansham Vibhor listens and gets worried..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Where is 14th July 2015 written update?

  2. Where is 13th July 2015 written update?

  3. Why isn’t there any written update for this serial?Although Writer is good

  4. Hey WHere is today episode
    So lazy writers… No time to update every day episode

  5. Hey WHere is today episode
    So lazy writers… No time to update every day episode….

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