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Badi Devrani 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor confronts Reeti’s dad Biyani and challenges him that he will become bigger than him. Biyani asks him to complete his MBA and prove first that he is equal to Reeti. Vibhor challenges that he will become so big that whole Kolkota will know him from his name than Biyani’s damad. Biyani in his mind thinks he wants his damad to be successful in life.

Vibhor gets his friend Piyush’s call about business meeting. He takes his dad’s blessing and says he has his life’s first business meeting and asks Biyani he must be shocked to see someone challenging him. Biyani blessing him that he should become so big that whole India know him as Vibhor Poddar and not Seetaram Biyani’s damad. Reeti thinks Vibhor did wrong by leaving his studies, but is happy he wants

to become self-reliable.

Vibhor with Piyush meets a businessman and expresses his desire to succeed in life and requests for his guidance. Businessman gives him 10,000 rs. Vibhor says he does not need money but his guidance. Businessman says he is giving him money for 1 day and wants to see how much profit he can make with 10000 rs in 1 day. Vibhor thanks him and leaves with money.

Reeti sees chachi tensed that nobody took care of samdhiji/Biyani and says papa will not feel bad. Chachi says even then she is feeling bad. Reeti says papa came to explain Vibhor not to leave his studies, but he challenged papa to become more successful than him. Chachi’s daughter brings tea and thinks vibhor and Reeti helped her and her husband unite and she has to do something to unite them. She then gives tea to Vibhor and asks him to relax.

Bilashi starts acting as jumping form balcony and tells he does not want daadji to spend any more money on Vibhor’s drama. Daadaji says Vibhor is his nephew and he should not talk like that. Bilashi says vibhor wasted money last month for MBA and now business and asks him to divide whole property and even shop. After division, they can give Vibhor money from their part, but he will not. Vibhor’s dad asks him to calm down and says he will give him money. Bilashi asks everyone to go into temple and take oath that they will not give money to Vibhor. Daadaji asks him to stop drama and says he will not give money to Vibhor for his business. Vibhor asks tauji/Bilashi not to worry as he will not borrow money from family and will do business on his own. He asks him to come down, else he will fall and injure himself. Bilashi says he is getting down on everyone’s insistence, else he would not have got down. Reeti gets sad seeing all the drama.

Reeti gets back to her room and sees her clothes in a bag and Vibhor trying to erase her name from cupboard. Vibhor says he knew she will not change and will come back to this room even after his warning. He asks her to take her clothes and get out as he does not have place in his room for her or her clothes. She asks him to listen her once. He asks her to leave, else he will throw all her clothes out. She stands sadly. He asks her to hurry up as he is busy. She reminisces their nok jhok during happier times and their marriage and silently walks towards bag. She looks at Vibhor standing facing his back and again reminisces their nok jhok. Chadariya jeeli re jeeli….song..plays in the background. She picks bag and turns towards door.

Precap: Kajal thinks before her family throws her out, she should become owner of this house and take a lady’s help who will use all her dirty tricks to make her owner. A lady is seen performing pooja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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