Badi Devrani 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Badi Devrani 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reeti cries…Vibhor goes,,Sarla bua tells that Bilashi is waiting in the lobby..Vibhor goes in lobby and sees Bilashi..Vibhor tells sorry as he was busy..Bilashi tells he said hundred times to ghansham to control children..Bilashi tells Vibhor to sit down..Vibhor tells why down??Bilashi tells to sit..Vibhor sits..Bilashi tells no one will give water..Vibhor tells actually he didnt said the time..Vibhor tells that everyone is seeing here as he twenty two years old..Tayaaji tells to tell once more..Vibhor tells twenty twenty years old..Bilashi tells that wanted to beat him..Vibhor tells okey wanted to do he can do,,Vibhor goes..Kaushalaya tells Vibhor did right..Bilashi tells Kaushalaya she must have studied law..Anotherside Daadaji tells that someone has trapped them..As officer is not listening

them..Nikonj tells how dare them…Nikonj tells will break the shop..Ghansham stops Nikonj..Rajiv’s parents tells Reeti’s father Sitram that Rajiv liked Reeti..Rajiv’s mother tells that they will complete the marriage rituals,,Rajiv stands..Sitaram tells that this relationship cannot happend,,Rajiv’s father asks why??Sitaram tells he cannot accept Rajiv,,And he dont want to extend..Reeti’s mother and father goes..Reeti cries..Sitaram tells that he will search a very good life partner for Reeti,,Reeti hugs her father and cries..Sitaram tells thanks to Vibhor he said all..Sitaram tells his wife Indra that he took this decision in hurry because thinking of Reeti..Sitaram tells that he will search a good partner for Reeti…Anotherside Girls tells Antara to give an idea..Reeti tells idea..Reeti points to chair but girl sees Vibhor and laughs..Vibhor tells Reeti that she said all to her friends??Reeti asks what??
VIbhor tells that From any angle Reeti doesnt look like twenty seven years old..Vibhor tells that Reeti’s skin is good..Girls call Reeti..Reeti goes..Reeti and Antara puts a toy on the chair..Reeti goes…Bilashi comes..One of the girl tells not to sit here..Bilashi tells its his wish will sit anywhere..Bilashi sits a voice comes..All laughs..Bilashi feels insulted..He tooks out toy from the chair…Reeti comes..Bilashi sees Reeti…Reeti is shocked to see Bilashi..Bilashi calls Reeti “Shameless”…All people see Bilashi..Bilashi tells why everyone is shocked How Reeti was laughing..Vibhor comes..Sarla Bua comes and tells to chill..Bilashi tells that Reeti’s character is not good..As he did right that day by breaking NIkonj marriage from her…Vibhor is shocked to see..

Precap:Bilashi tells who will marry a girl like Reeti..Sitaram tells that in ten days he will do marriage of Reeti

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. awesome episode. i am loving to read it out.

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