Badho Bahu Review: Unconventional love story and pairing brings fresh appeal


And tv’ new show Badho Bahu is a story of overweight girl Komal, who got nicknamed as Badho because of her physical appearance. Komal is made to do tough manual tasks, which need physical strength. Komal is very humble by nature, and is often tricked by people. Lucky Singh Ahlawat is the famous wrestler, with whom Komal gets married.


The story brings a love story with bits of romance and humor. Komal and Lucky get bounded in marriage. Komal puts in sincere efforts to win her husband’s love. Lucky is not able to accept Komal heartily. There is much difference between them. Komal and Lucky’s love story is necessary to end their big distance.

Main Characters:


Komal is a sweet, loving, energetic and a simple girl. She has a big heart which cares for everyone around. She helps most people in her town. She looks awkward because of her heavy personality. Even then, Komal is loved by all and is called Badho. She is strong willed and a fighter. She does not get scared of life’s struggles. She gets on battling problems with self-confidence. Komal is very positive about life. She believes in sincerity. Komal has all the good virtues one would look for in a life partner. She just lacks in stunning looks. She has high belief in Lord Shiva. Her firm belief makes her fight with all the negativity.


Lucky is the most celebrated wrestler in town. He is very much famous and loved by almost all the girls of the town. Lucky is handsome, smart and good at heart. He is the most desirable bachelor. He flaunts his six pack abs in wrestling ground. He has many female fans. He is called the Iron Man of Haryana. He maintains innocence and also mischief. Lucky values beauty and is big fan of Katrina Kaif.


Prince Narula as Lucky Singh Ahlawat
Rytasha Rathore as Komal/Badho
Pankaj Dheer as Raghuveer Singh Ahlawat
Arsha Goswami

Story So Far:

574-1Komal is shown helping the women to fill water by pumping water hand pump. Komal’s mother Jamuna gets a pot of milk for Komal’s puja. Komal kept 16 Mondays fasts for Lord Shiva. Komal thinks to fill her water bucket now, after helping everyone. An old lady comes to fill water. Komal asks the old man to send her daughter in law to fill water. Old lady tells Komal about her daughter in law giving her many works. Komal gets emotional and helps the old lady. She carries the old lady’s water bucket along with her bucket. Everyone in the village get surprised. Rinki’s engagement invitation comes for Komal’s Bhabhi Payal. Payal tells Vimla Mausi that they will make Komal do all the work. The old lady’s bucket get empty will they reach home.

badho16Komal fills the old lady’s bucket with water from her bucket. Mausi agrees to give half kg desi ghee to Payal for Komal’s service. Payal and Komal get ready and reach Mausi’s place. Mausi makes Komal do all the tough work and fools her of the myth that helping in wedding’s home gets the working person married soon. Komal breaks a stool by mistake. Komal sees Rinki signaling someone. She tells Rinki that this is not good, as she is getting married. Pandit ji comes there. Mausi tells about Pandit ji who can fix anyone’s marriage. Payal and Komal’s mother think to arrange an alliance for Komal. Komal finishes all her work. Rinki’s friend make fun of Komal’s obesity.

badho17The girls talk about their favorite wrestler, their hero, Lucky. Rinki does not let Komal apply mehendi on her hands. Komal gets into an argument with her, as she deserves to get mehendi applied. Payal takes Komal to Pandit ji and asks him to find a groom for Komal. Mausi jokes on Komal’s appearance. Pandit ji charges 12000rs for finding the groom. Komal argues and tells Pandit that she is the better than every girl. She manages all household work, keep fasts and help people. Komal realizes how much Mausi and Payal made her work. She tells them that Payal took a ghee container from Mausi. She is sure that Shiv ji will take revenge from them. Komal is hurt recalling Pandit ji’s words.

payalKomal sits under the tree and cries recalling her father’s words to always keep smiling. She digs the ground and finds a little box. She opens the box and sees her father’s photo. She believes that her dreams will come true. Her father’s encouraging words comfort her. Jamuna reaches her and consoles. Komal goes to have food, but Payal refuses to serve her food. Komal tries to complain to her brother Vardaan, but he supports his wife Payal. Komal drinks the desi ghee and finishes it. Payal gets furious seeing this. Two wrestlers Rana and Lucky are welcomed in the village, after their victory. They are sons of Ahlawat family.

badho15Lucky gets a warm welcome after reaching home. Both Rana and Lucky present their medals to their mothers. Lucky wins gold medal in wrestling, while Rana wins silver. Rana’s mother Kamla seems to be unhappy. Lucky’s mother Malti feels proud. The media questions Lucky’s mother as Lucky has come first in the wrestling match. Rana’s mother seems jealous of her when reporter does not give her attention. Jamuna asks Payal to prepare tea for her. Payal decides to milk the cow herself, but ends up making a fool of herself by falling in cow dung.

luckyKomal comes and easily milks the cow. Payal gets invitation for celebrations at Ahlawat house, and tells Jamuna that they should go there in order to find a groom for Komal. Jamuna agrees to send Komal. Lucky and his friends celebrate. Few girls take selfie with Lucky. A guy tries to add fuel in Lucky and Rana’s relation. Lucky holds that guy’s collar and scolds him. Lucky describes his would be wife. He sees Komal and jokes about her being overweight. He calls her Bulldozer. Kamla and Malti order the cooks to prepare delicious food for the ongoing celebration. They both are happy for Lucky and Rana’s success.

badho13Lucky’s father Raghuveer goes on stage and greets everyone. He speaks of Komal’s father Mahender Singh Dahiya, who has been his inspiration always. Komal gets glad hearing him paying respect to her father. Raghuveer praises his friendship with Mahender. Rana and Lucky get on the stage and the public cheers for them. Raghuveer meets Komal and tells her that whatever he is today is because of her father. He decides to send gifts for her family, but Komal refuses to accept the gifts. Payal stops Komal from refusing gifts. Payal accepts the gifts given by Raghuveer.

lucky2Payal meets the same pandit ji and asks him to find an alliance for Komal soon. She tells him that she will give him 20000rs for match making. Pandit ji agrees. Komal politely convinces the cook to serve halwa to the little kids. She takes the empty bowls. Kamla scolds Komal for eating all the halwa. Komal tells her that she did not eat halwa. Malti also asks Komal to control her diet. Later, Lucky meets a girl on the way and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. She is a foreigner in need of help. Lucky instantly helps her by getting her car’s tyre changed. She gets impressed with Lucky.

bdho11The same foreigner reaches the party venue to meet Raghuveer Singh. Raghuveer calls Rana and asks him to get Lucky. Malti likes the halwa and worries if Kamla will like it. Malti tricks Kamla by showing faults in the halwa. Kamla tastes the halwa and praises it, to go against Malti. Lucky comes to the party and sees the same girl. He dances around the girl. Komal collides with the halwa bowl and that falls down. Malti scolds cook for dropping sweets. Komal feels guilty as it was her mistake. Payal is glad knowing a match is found for Komal and dances with joy.

Our Take:


The show is set in the backdrop of Haryana. It captivates the essence of the state well. The love story of Komal and Lucky seems tough to happen, but that’s the fun part of the story to see the love for Komal developing in Lucky’s heart. Their romance will be interesting part of the entire plot. Prince Narula has surprised with his acting talent and is good as Lucky. Rytasha is natural in her role and shines as Badho/Komal. Rytasha with minimal makeup and simple clothes, amazes everyone by her charged up performance. It is definitely a good debut for Prince.


Pankaj Dheer is very much apt as Raghuveer. Supporting cast looks loud in few scenes. The concept of poles apart personalities falling in love is not new, but Badho Baho brings the unusual twist with the female protagonist being overweight. The show brings a social message of not valuing people by personality and looks. It puts light on how obese people face problems in their lives. The unconventional pairing of Prince and Rytasha has good chemistry. The show has drama with humor and practicality.


Badho Bahu has a fresh appeal. Viewers would find it a good change from usual love stories. Rytasha is very spontaneous, while Prince is equally impressive. Obese people face some social rejections. The show gets a light take on their problems. The journey of Komal’s life is interesting to watch.

Our Rating:

3 out of 5

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  1. sarayu (honey)

    i will give 5/5 for prince, your acting is awesome, i like you so much……..

  2. Kalpana

    My heart goes out to Badho! Fresh concept! Always serials have stressed on sundar and susheel bahu; underlining sundar… In real life, not every girl is as gorgeous as Katrina Kaif… But every girl has a beautiful heart… I hope they stick to this storyline and not deviate like Suhani si ek ladki… I give the show 5/5!!

  3. i love this show . prince u r awesome and female lead is also very good . they have good chemistry . I am biggest fan of prince narula . he is the best

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