Badho Bahu 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 9th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brief episode update for 9th Oct.

Kamla ji blames Komal and continues to have no shame and tries to cause a rift between the new bonding relationship of Mil-Dil. Malti feels indebt towards Komal due to kind act.

Rana adjust picture of Pinki on his laptop so that they can complete ritual of fasting.
Bharpayi smartly uses her phone to upload pictures of Pinky as Kamla complained that the images used by Rana does not do her beauty justice.
As doing so, Komal sharp beady eye notices a shadow in the background of Bharpayi selfie.
Komal request Bharpayi to zoom in and behold….the culprit is Kamla ji herself!
Komal jaw drops in shock to learn it is her Kamla ji herself! Malti ji is curious to check out Bharpyai selfie; when she walks towards the laptop to get a good

view, Malti ji cannot miss the miscreant Kamla with a spoonful of hawla in her mouth!
Malti ji mouth drops open, eyes widen in shock and disbelief that Kamla has the audacity to frame Komal when it is ‘she’ herself who scoffed the hawla.
Kamla ji stand quietly loss for words ( for a change) . Malti confronts Kamla, questioning her behaviour and principles but Kamla shows no remorse or shame. She makes a lame excuse about Kailash giving her permission to eat should she feel weak.
Kamla uses feeble excuse for her despicable behaviour and breaking her fast.
Kamal invites villages round for meal as she is the village head wife (rubbing it in Ragu’s family again) but it back-fires on her.
Lucky ji makes a surprise return home to break Komal’s fast on Ragu request. Komal is over joyed when she see’s Lucky ji. Komal wanted to hug Lucky ji but restrained herself due to respect to other members of the family ( cute moment).
Lucky ji supports Komal and highlights his knowledge of the person in question trying to defame Komal; in retaliation, he supports Komal by reinstating his blessing for Komal to resume wrestling!
Ragu is over-joyed and Kamla tries to stir trouble again, efforts goes in vain to halt Lucky decision. Malti ji does not disappoint, she show unity and supports Komal. Kamla screws her face up in displeasure.
Villagers nod their heads in approval that Lucky is a understanding and loving husband. He gives Komal her own identity and his blessing so that she can continue to achieve her potential and inspire positive message to the community.
Kamla ji looks irked…wrinkle her nose and scowls again.

Precap: Komal and Lucky ji share tender romantic moments in their own cute way.

If i have missed scenes out I apologise in advance; I have a memory of a gold fish. I hope you enjoy reading. ?

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