Badho Bahu 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal sits in the palanquin. Kamla ji asks Raghubir ji not to spend too much time thinking. Your and your friend’s wish has come true. Ask her to come out now. We have to do marriage too. Raghubir ji says we are wrestlers after all. The palanquin will be brought in by the wrestlers. Ahlawat ji seconds him. Komal will come in palanquin only. He calls out for other wrestlers. Raghubir ji tells them to bring Komal to mandap safely. They happily oblige. Vardaan too wants to lift the palanquin. He seeks Raghubir ji’s permission and goes to hold the palanquin. Komal peeks out. She imagines her Babu ji standing there. He is happy and blesses her. She gets emotional.

Ladies gossip about it. we have seen someone lifting a 100 kilo heavy palanquin so easily and happily for the first time. This is

royal. Komal is really lucky. Payal points out that this is all because of her karmas. Lucky is still all emotional. Payal says palanquin is here. It will be great if Lucky will help her come out from the palanquin. Everyone else agrees with her. Raghubir ji agrees with her. He asks Lucky to do it. Lucky stands there tensed. Pinki thinks fattie came here in palanquin like she wished. I will be in peace when Lucky will refuse to abide by this wish. Raghubir ji again tells Lucky to do it. Don’t waste time. Lucky sadly goes towards the palanquin. Sad song plays in the background. He extends his hand towards Komal. It ends up as a fist. She notices the pain on his face and his welled up eyes. Lucky opens his hand once again. She keeps her hand in his and cries.

Komal steps out of the palanquin holding Lucky’s hand. pinki looks unhappy. Pragya gives Raghubir ji his turban. Raghubir ji wears his turban first and then dons a turban over Lucky’s head too. Jamuna ji does Lucky’s tilak. Pragya too looks upset. Kamla ji says it is time for Jaimala. My son is waiting.

Both the couples come on stage for Jaimala. Rinki and her friends lift Pinki. It isn’t so easy to put Jaimala. We wont let you do it. Lucky and Rana’s friends tell Rana to go ahead. We will tackle your SIL’s. Rinki says we wont let it happen so easily. She is really light. We can lift her like this for forever. Kamla ji praises Pinki. She is indeed slim and lightweight. Pinki was about to fall but Komal holds her in time. She tells Rana to handle her Gulabo (Pinki). Payal compliments Komal for being a great Devrani already. A few ladies too praise Komal. Pinki is really lucky to have her. Pinki is irked. This fattie wins everyone’s heart some way or the other. Vimla ji mumbles to Payal that the girls of her house have a habit of intervening in everything. Payal says it isn’t I but everyone who is saying that now. she taunts Vimla ji that not everyone has same fate. Komal isn’t as lucky to have found such a nice Jethani like herself.

Rana puts garland around Pinki’s neck. He is all smiles. His friends pull him when Pinki is about to do it but he shrugs them away. everyone teases him. Are you in a rush or something? Rana keeps smiling. Vimla ji tells the girls not to lift Komal or they will fall flat here only. Kamla ji joins her in this. People laugh hearing it. Payal asks Vimla if she has done PhD in weight. Komal’s upbringing and ideals are heavy. No one can lift her like this. She is stuck in one place. She will become a support wherever she goes. Am I right? Jamuna ji tells everyone to stop this discussion. Everyone is a part of family now. Why get into all this? Mahurat is right. She tells Komal to put Jaimala around Lucky’s neck. Komal turns towards Lucky who is still lost in his own world.

Precap: Both couples are taking pheras. Lucky is all lost as he walks. Komal observes it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Get married quickly.i cant be wait.

  2. wht what that sad song called?

    1. Hi layla it is from movie SHANGHAI N SUNG BY ARIJIT SINGH

  3. Lucky needs to accept his fate like a man. Keeps on crying like a girl. The guy is soo shallow minded.

  4. Lucky is such a cry baby. The guy needs to grow up.

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