Badho Bahu 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Ahlawat Family get their Akhada back!

Badho Bahu 9th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki is having trouble managing the Paan Shop. Payal tells her to hurry up. She finally makes 2 Paan’s with great difficulty but the guy spits it. It is pathetic. Lucky witnesses it. payal asks Pinki why she cannot make a good Paan. Lucky feels bad.

Payal’s mother has come to Kamla ji’s parlour for pedicure. She shouts in shock as the water is too hot. Kamla ji apologizes to her. I am just doing penitence. Payal’s mother asks her to take it. Kamla ji blows over the water but Payal’s mother refuses to put her feet in it. Komal sees it.

Komal and Lucky discuss the matter. They wonder what they will tell to the shop owners if this will go on like this till evening. What will be their decision?

Payal asks Pinki to make Paan’s fast. So many people are in the queue. Pinki

asks Rana to help her. He turns to go but she holds his hand. He wipes his shirt clean. I have heard enough. You are getting punished for your misdeeds. You will reap what you have sown. He goes. Pinki makes another Paan but the guy spits it too. All the other customers begin to go when Lucky offers to make a special Paan for them. He makes a Paan which the customers love. Pinki looks on.

Kamla ji is tired managing Parlour. I can cook anything but this is not my cup of tea. Komal brings a lady for facial. Kamla ji excitedly gets up but is thoroughly confused as to how to do it. I hope I don’t mess up with anyone’s face. Komal decides to do some promotion for Kamla ji. She thinks of using Payal’s mother’s help.

May ladies are waiting in line for Kamla ji. They all are eager to get the work done by Kamla ji. Komal brings water there. Ladies oppose that it is Komal who is doing everything. Komal and Malti ji deny. You all have taken a stand against Kamla ji. You are doing it intentionally. Aren’t you wrong too? The ladies go quiet. Kamla ji does pedicure while Komal does manicure. They manage the clients together.

Raghubir ji gives money to both the shopkeepers which Pinki and Kamla ji have earned today. He also gives them double amount in return of their shop. I hope your business flourishes in the new place. They thank him for his help. Our shop has already become famous because of Lucky and Komal. Kamla ji seconds him. Raghubir ji asks for Komal who comes just then holding a stick. I got my gang as we are going to complete my mission. Lucky asks her why she dint include him in this gang. She tells him that they will do this together. All the shop owners take leave. They collect everything after which Komal and Lucky break down the shops.

Kamla ji offers to help them too. Pinki also joins them. Raghubir ji and Malti ji put the medals back on the photos. Malti ji does aarti next. Everything is back in place today because of your blessing only. We got our Akhada back. We are all together again. Please bless us always. Komal says one thing is still left. I took a vow and took some dirt from the Akhada before the shops were built here. I vowed to get them out of Akhada one day and then mix it back in Akhada. Thanks to Lord, we have done it today! She keeps the dirt back in Akhada. Raghubir ji blesses Komal while she does that. Rana also gets emotional.

Rana apologizes to Raghubir ji. I took a long time to realise that our family is our own. Outsiders cannot stand before them. You are my Guru ji. You only will train me after today. Kailash ji looks relieved. Raghubir ji forgives him and asks Lucky to hug his elder brother.

Bharpayi tells Malti ji that today seemed to be Dusshehra. Komal nods. It feels good when good wins over evil. There should be celebrations. Bharpayi nods. Pinki and Kamla ji come in kitchen. Pinki and Kamla ji offer to cook everything. Malti ji tells her to rest. We will do it. Kamla ij says I only used to cook before you came in this house. Leave everything on me. I will manage it. Malti ji, Bharpayi and Komal leave. Kamla ji and Pinki make faces as soon as they leave.

A wrestling camp is being organized out of town. Komal is asked to take part in it. Raghubir ji and his family like the idea. Lucky offers to come with her but she denies. You just got a chance to resume your practise. I will go alone. Raghubir ji agrees. Let’s send Malti with her. They have proved that they can do anything together. Lucky smiles in agreement. The guy (of the camp) remarks that no one can stop Komal from moving ahead in life when she has her family with her. Komal thanks him.

Precap: All men are having dinner. Malti ji shares that Pinki and Kamla ji have cooked dinner tonight. The food is too spicy. Malti ji wonders how the house will be managed in their absence. Lucky offers to pack Komal’s bags. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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