Badho Bahu 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli tells her father everything

Badho Bahu 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky comes to his room. Komal asks him if his work is over. You found Bhago there? Lucky nods. She has been sent to jail for a long time. The girl who saved Pragya’s life is the same girl I told you about. She is too mad. Komal nods remembering it. Lucky says she faced the situation bravely though. What did you want to say? Komal begins to speak about Pragya and Jatta when Vardaan comes in to talk to Komal. Lucky goes out as Vardaan wants to talk to Komal in private.

Komal asks Vardaan if he knew it already and want me to hide it from Lucky ji? Vardaan says we both were kept equally in dark. Truth is Pragya ji has only loved one guy always – Teji! Komal calls it impossible. I saw Jatta ji and Pragya together. Vardaan says it might be but Jatta was no one else but Teji. Pragya ji has told

me everything. She wants you to keep it you yourself only. I also want the same. She has always loved one guy. She did not cheat anyone in reality. She has been waiting for him only. She should get her happiness. Please agree. Komal insists Lucky should know the truth but Vardaan points out that then Lucky will never accept Teji. It will only complicate the matter. Komal is reluctant but Vardaan gives her Lucky’s swear. I know I am forcing you to do it but please accept it for my sake. Komal agrees.

Malti ji wonders what they will tell to Ram Bhaisahab. Kamla ji says it is better if we don’t tell him anything. Malti ji thinks to call Ram Bhaisahab when he enters. She is taken aback to see him. He tells her he was missing Titli. Malti ji wonders how to tell him she has no clue about Titli. She has not even reached here. They invite him in and introduce him to everyone. Komal offers him water. Ram Bhaisahab asks about Titli. Malti ji begins to reply when Titli tells her father she is right here. Ram Bhaisahab notices her shoulder wound and asks her about it. Titli dismisses it. He is sure she must have fought. I have told you so many times to behave nicely and act like a girl sometimes. He turns to Ahlawat family. She must have troubled you a lot. I apologize to you on her behalf. Malti ji tells him against it. Titli also says the same. He tells her to be quiet. You don’t realise when you make mistake. She accepts it. They just got to know I am your daughter. He is confused. She explains that they let a fake girl stay in the house with her identity. She was one masterpiece. She tells him all that she saw / understood. This is what was going on since past some days. You would blame me for this too? I tried to tell them everything many times but this great Lakha dint hear me out even once.

Ram Bhaisahab questions Malti ji. She replies that Bhago was too smart for them. She dint let us figure it out. I asked her to let me talk to you many times but she did not let me. She handled everything too well. I apologise for it all. Ram Bhaisahab says you all went through a lot. Why apologize! Titli says it is better if I come with you. We could not spend much time together but whatever we could, it was fun. She begins to go with her father when Malti ji requests her to atleast stay with them till she recovers fully. Kamla ji seconds her. You saved my daughter’s life. Let us take care of you too. Titli politely declines. She again turns to go but this time Lucky tells her to stop. One player is asking another player to stay back. She tells him to say whatever he wants to. He says I don’t have anything to say. I can only tell you what’s in my heart. I want to tell you that how much one chance matters for a player. I and my family want you to stay and realise we are not wrong. Will you give us that chance? She asks him what it will change. Will my thinking towards you and your family change? If that happens then maybe we will end up becoming friend. Ram Bhaisahab asks her what she is saying. Lucky tells him to let her speak. We will make use of this chance and change her mind towards our family. Titli gives him this chance. It isn’t so easy to change my mind. It wont be easy for you to do that. It is a very difficult thing to do. If you still succeed then I will accept that I was wrong about all of you. Komal says this was an open challenge. Lucky says we have faced many challenges together. We will face this one and win too! Titli says I will see if you can win from me. Komal adds that they will win and also train her to become a well-mannered girl. We will then dance a lot at your wedding and marry you off. Titli extends her hand for the challenge. Lucky accepts it. We will show who will win or lose.

Precap: Kamla ji and Kailash ji are not in favor of Pragya and Teji’s marriage whereas Jamuna ji gives her nod to the couple. Prayga wonders what her family will do now. Lucky doubts what all will Titli make them do. Komal does not mind it. We will do it all together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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