Badho Bahu 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Lucky and Rana are selected for Nationals

Badho Bahu 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal says I dint mean that. Pinki asks her to give them a motivational lecture. Komal nods. She advises the ladies to take a stand against their husbands and MIL’s. I will see Lucky ji’s match first! They all look at her in confusion.

Everyone claps as the match comes to an end.

Pinki advises Komal to focus. Komal again tells the women to fight bravely with whosoever wants to. Pinki makes her repeat her dialogue (Tod ke rakh dungi). Sita and Gita ji return home. Pinki invites them for the evening party and leaves with Komal.

This time, Rana and Balwinder are fighting. Kamla ji prays that her son wins. Rana wins the match. Sanjay announces the scores. Lucky has got 4/5 whereas Rana scored 3/5. Both the wrestlers qualify for the Nationals. Komal and Pinki have also reached by

now. Komal thanks Lord. Lucky and Komal do thumbs up to each other. Raghubir ji appreciates Balwinder. He asks Lucky about his shoulder. Lucky lies that he is fine. Komal tells Lucky it will be double celebration tonight. He nods and goes to give Randeep a hug. Why did you go pale hearing about my fight? Were you scared? Randeep tells him to be careful. You cleared National but in future it might be a problem. Lucky agrees to take care of it. Did you enjoy? Randeep nods. They hug again.

Komal and Malti ji promote Voice Kids. Malti ji shares that she also used to sing when she was newly married. I got busy with all the responsibilities afterwards. Komal suggests her to resume singing but Malti ji smiles hearing the idea. Did you have some work? Komal shows her 2 dresses and asks her what she should wear in the party tonight. Malti ji selects a dress for her. Komal smiles. I was thinking of the same. Malti ji says mothers know everything.

Pragya applies ice pack on Teji’s back. He shouts in pain. Badho beat me a lot. Pragya gets angry hearing Komal’s name.

Celebrations are on in Ahlawat House. Malti ji compliments her husband. You look great. Beware or someone might fall for you. You seem very happy today. He nods. One, you gave permission

Kamla ji tells Vardaan he dint say anything further after what happened today but don’t think that I will keep quiet. If my family’s respect is put on stake because of you or Pragya then I

Kamla ji asks Payal about her t-shirt. Payal shares that she got them especially made in Badho’s honour. Kamla ji says we also gave an order but our t-shirts haven’t come till now. Where is your Badho? Payal points at the stairs. Lucky and Komal seek their elder’s blessings. Malti ji says I hope all the three wrestlers of our house make us proud. Kailash ji seconds her. Will we have some music and dance or not? Malti ji nods. This has been organised for the kids so they everyone is bound to enjoy. Pinki says who will dance though. Kamla ji takes Jatta’s name who comes limping just then. She asks him how it happened. He lies that he fell from the stairs. Kailash ji says who will sing now and who will dance. Komal suggests her MIL’s name. She sings really well. Raghubir ji likes the suggestion. Malti ji is hesitant but Raghubir ji sweetly requests her to sing the song that she sang for her the first time. Kailash ji, Lucky and Komal smile. Malti ji sings Piya Tose Naina Lage Re. Everyone except Kamla ji and Pinki love it. They all praise her on her singing. Kailash ji asks them who will dance now. Teji plays music. Everyone starts dancing.

Pinki asks her MIL about their plan. Kamla ji advises her to wait a little. Blast will happen anytime now and we will enjoy! Ladies of village enter just then and demand to stop the music. Everyone stops dancing and looks at them. They protest against Badho’s wrestling. She must stop right away! Malti ji asks them why they are saying so. Sangram Singh supports their decision.

Pragya takes Jatta inside holding his hand. Vardaan notices it and seems upset.

Sangram Singh tells Kailash ji he had warned him to stop Badho from wrestling or he will have to regret it. I was wrong as we are regretting it. We dint stop her at the right time. Raghubir ji and Kailash ji asks him to come clear with the facts. Sangram Singh says a woman’s respect / dignity is her biggest ornament but Badho has overlooked all of it and has stepped down in the Akhada. Sita and Gita Mausi agree with them. Our DIL’s have beaten their husbands. Sangram Singh points at his nephews. Some girls beat my nephews badly. I believe Komal’s wrestling is responsible for it. Komal asks them what they are saying. The ladies remind Komal of her visit to their house in the morning. You also said “Tod ke rakh dungi”. Kamla ji asks Komal to confirm it if she said this or not. Pinki validates it. Kamla ji does not let Komal say anything. Sangram Singh adds that the girls of the village are on the wrong path today because of Komal’s wrestling. I believe Komal’s wrestling is the reason behind the girls of village protesting nowadays!

Precap: Kamla ji requests Raghubir ji to stop Komal from wrestling. Raghubir ji declines. Kailash ji announces his decision. Komal will neither be able to enter Ahlawat Akhada or wrestle there. Lucky wakes Komal. Get ready and come out asap. Babu ji is waiting for you. She sits up in surprise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Summer

    Thanks Pooja for speedy fantastic update! 🙂 Hope you are well! 🙂
    I am truly exasperated with Kamla and Pinki’s scheming to cause a divide. When will they be exposed! Surely they had their fun now and it is about time the table have turned on them?!
    The constant false accusations and force with hatred to stop Komal wrestling is becoming unbearable and testing of patience.
    Secondly, Rana scores less point than Lucky during the rounds…should this not raise questions to Rana’s credibility? Also, why did Lucky compete first and not Rana, considering he won/cheat the iron man title after all!

    1. I agree with the point raised by Sumer.. now time n again same kind of conspiracy by Kamla and pinki making this serial a bit testless.. now it’s time to expose. More over it is also distracting audience from the real msg of the serial..

      1. I agree! I am also waiting for the tables to turn in favour of badho, I think we’ve had enough of kamla and pinki. I used to watch the show before, since this whole lucky’s wound thing, I’ve stopped watching this show and read the written update only.

  2. Hopeless track. There seem to be a mental block in creativity here! We have been subjected to the same plot repeatedly. Really fed up with this show now. There is no winning over the bad eggs in the family. I bet you all Kamla and Pinkie will break up the family and Komal will be blamed- maybe they will even strip her of Raghu’s support! PayPal who’s been smart and conniving cannot even help here? How come? Based on her past exploits she’s well able for Kamla and Pinkie- how come she’s blind sided now? Kamla is an ignorant woman, yet nobody seem to see her evil intentions and call her out? This show has gradually lost the plot. No story here anymore. I must say for a show that started well it has indeed becom tasteless according to Rajesh

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