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Badho Bahu 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal stops in her track and takes a step back as she thinks of all the incidents with Lucky since the time of their engagement. Raghubir ji and everyone is taken aback. Raghubir ji asks Komal why she stopped in her tracks. She refuses to go in mandap. My marriage broke earlier as well. I wont step forward till my groom is here. Raghubir ji says your fear is right. I will just go and bring Lucky.

Lucky says no. I don’t want to marry. Raghubir ji says you have grown up this much that you can take this decision. I wont force you for this but Ahlawat family will lose its respect today. When I will announce your decision today then the heads of our family members will bow down in shame / embarrassment. I will have to tell this outside even if Komal and her family commit suicide after hearing

your decision or if there are line of corpses outside the house. Remember that one of the corpses will be mine. I did every possible thing till date for my family’s sake. you took decision for yourself. You are grown up now. See how I will lose my respect now. He keeps his turban in Lucky’s feet shocking him. It is up to you now if you want to keep my respect by respecting my turban or not. He walks out of the room. Lucky looks on sadly.

Everyone stands outside tensed. Payal wonders why Raghubir ji is taking so much time. Hope I don’t get a heart attack. Lord, please sent Babu ji with Luck soon. Raghubir ji returns alone. Payal asks him about Lucky. People begin to gossip. He does not have his turban too. Something is wrong. Is it that Komal will never marry? Raghubir ji hears it all and is pained. Komal begins to cry silently.

Payal asks Raghubir ji why Lucky dint come with him. Where is your turban? Why did you remove it? Raghubir ji folds his hands before everyone and bows down his head. Lucky says Bau ji. Everyone turns to look at him. He steps forward with his father’s turban and puts it on his father’s head. He seeks his father’s blessings. I will marry Komal. I will do all that you will ask from me. Raghubir ji hugs his son. God bless you. Everyone smiles in relief. Pinki wonders when this family drama will end and Rana will become hers. He is a fighter but he seems to cry any moment like a girl. Bhabhi was right. I can make him dance on my tune. I did not get what I wanted but what I got is perfectly right.

Payal asks everyone to proceed for Jaimala. Raghubir ji stops her. Payal and Kamla ji ask him why he stopped them now. He shares that Mahender Bhai wanted Komal to come to mandap in palanquin. Komal and her family smiles seeing palanquin. Lucky is all sad. Lattu dances as band members play music. Lucky is trying hard to fight back tears. Komal notices him thus. Komal’s family makes her sit in the palanquin.

Precap: Komal’s brothers lift the palanquin on their shoulders and walk towards the mandap area. Payal says palanquin is here. It will be great if Lucky will help her come out from the palanquin. Raghubir ji agrees with her. He asks Lucky to do it. Lucky stands there tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Waiting for marriage.i love this serial so much

  2. Thanks for update Pooja, enjoyable serial.

    1. Pooja

      Anytime Summer 🙂 Keep enjoying.

  3. in the whole episode prince was crying .ooooooo…….

    1. Hi Simran,

      Pinki got it right, Lucky is a wrestler but cries like a girl…lol 🙂

      1. ya but he loves margarie and uski marriage komal se ho rahi hai but that is the real story . but he is a good actor

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