Badho Bahu 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal is in the kitchen. She thinks to teach a lesson to the thieves. I will save butter for Lucky ji at any cost!

Komal gives butter to Lucky. He tastes it and loves it. He asks for more. They both look at each other and end up smiling. Lucky says I have never eaten such tasty butter all my life. I feel like kissing the hands which have made it. Your hands are really magical! Komal smiles. It feels so nice to hear you taking my name. He says you melted my heart by making this butter. My heart will only beat for you now. It turns out to be Komal’s imagination. This will come true by tomorrow.

Malti ji is worried about butter. I think to keep it in my room tonight. Kamla ji says this isn’t right. You will eat it before Bhog? Malti ji denies. We always lock it but it always gets

stolen. Kamla ji jokes at her to stand guard all night then. Pinki hears their convo. I made arrangements to safeguard butter. You don’t have to worry about butter getting stolen. Kamla ji is impressed. She is just like me. She is taking all responsibilities like me. There is nothing to worry now. Where is Komal? Hope she wont eat all butter before bhog. Malti ji offers to check on Badho but Pinki stops her. She must be sleeping. She was tired. Kamla ji praises Pinki.

Komal paces in kitchen. She sees some shadow on the ground. Seems like thief is in a rush to be beaten by me. She is about to attack when Pinki shouts. Komal holds her in time. Did you come to steal butter? I dint expect it from you. You will ruin our hard work. Pinki says Pragya was right. Why will I steal butter? I came to guard it. Komal says sorry to her. I was standing guard to attack the thieves. Where is your weapon? Girls should have it for self defence. It is good that you are here. We will do self defence and defend butter too. They both take place.

Malti ji is pressing Kamla ji’s legs. She gets up to go seeing Kamla ji asleep but Kamla ji speaks in her sleep. My eyes might be closed but I am always alert. Malti ji smiles and resumes pressing Kamla ji’s legs. Kamla ji tells her to continue doing so. My legs are paining badly.

Komal keeps walking around while Pinki falls almost asleep in a corner. Komal keeps whispering at her not to sleep. We have to watch butter. I will sing a song for you so you don’t sleep. Komal sings the same line again and again. Pinki tells her to be quiet. This isn’t singing but shouting. She promotes The Voice Season 2. Pinki has fallen asleep. Komal hears a noise and hides. She whispers at Pinki but she is fast asleep. Ajay and Jitesh enter in kitchen. They both fight for the pot of butter. Komal enters shouting. They both leave the pot in fear. Pinki too wakes up hearing the noise. Komal says I dint expect it from you. I made this butter for Lucky ji. Both Pinki and Komal corner them. Ajay says I had heard that Bhabhi’s are like mothers. Forgive us thinking us to be kids. We are normal thieves. They request them not to tell this to Kamla ji or she wont spare them. Komal says this wont work with us. You will be punished for your mistake. Both girls take Ajay and Jitesh outside while they beg for mercy.

Malti ji hears their voice. She wakes Kamla ji. Did someone come to steal the butter? I will check and come. Kamla ji calls her clever. You can say if you directly if you don’t want to press my legs and hands. Malti ji denies. I am telling you the truth. Kamla ji says my DIL will handle it.

Ajay and Jitesh says we dint get to eat butter. Let us go please. Komal says I worked hard to make it for Lucky ji. You both steal butter since years, right? They deny. We are first timers. Pinki says you are still a thief. They say sorry again. please let us go. Komal advises them not to shed crocodile tears. I will beat you both badly.

Two guys enter in kitchen. They have covered themselves with blankets and masks on face. Komal asks Pinki to get rope. Pinki gets scared because of dark. Ajay notices two men in the kitchen. He signals Jitesh and shouts thieves. Komal turns but the guys hide by then. Don’t try to fool me. Stand here quietly. We will wait for Pinki. Thieves change pots. Ajay sees it and says thief again but Komal does not pay heed. Thieves eat butter in the background.

Vimla ji comes to Payal’s house at night. She was speaking too much in the morning. Now I will trap her in such a way that she will remember for life! She hides a bag in the kitchen. She collides with a bucket on her way. Payal rushes out and calls out for everyone. Jamuna ji says why thief came here. There is nothing to steal in our house. Vardaan calls it a misunderstanding. It must be an animal. Payal is sure she saw a person. Jamuna ji says even God cannot find the money you have hidden in the house. It will be some animal or a misunderstanding. Jamuna ji and Vardaan head to their rooms. Payal is certain it wasn’t any illusion.

Pinki and Komal tie Ajay and Jitesh. Komal says now you understand that it isn’t good to steal. Kamla Tai ji will punish you both tomorrow morning. You both will be beaten while Lucky ji will have the butter I made. Pinki looks at her. Thieves pick up the pot of butter made by Komal and Pinki. Ajay and Jitesh again hint at thieves in background but Komal refuses to fall for it. Thieves like the butter made by Komal and not the one that Pinki has made.

Ajay says we are not liars. Go and look inside if you don’t trust us. Pinki and Komal refuse to fall in their traps. Jitesh says butter is finishing up fast. Komal says Lucky will like the butter I made tomorrow. Pinki nods. we have caught thieves. They will stay here all night. We should go and rest. Komal agrees. Ajay says how someone will know the taste when no butter will be there. We know you wont look back upon our askance. You have swear of Lucky Bhai and Rana Bhai. Check inside how the butter is getting finished. Komal agrees to check once. Thieves hide. Pinki and Komal realise that Ajay and Jitesh were right. One of the thieves gets up. They spot the other thief too.

Precap: Komal chases a thief. He says filmy dialogue to her. She hits him on the head. He falls down on the ground. All ladies are taken aback. Kamla ji asks Komal what she did.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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