Badho Bahu 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky cooks up a story before Marjorie about a ring that belongs to his grandmother. She told me to give it to the girl I like. Lucky asks Marjorie if she is his friend. I have found the girl who I want to give this ring to. She nods. Who is that lucky girl? He agrees to tell her on right time. Don’t tell anyone this story before I make you meet her. She promises him.

Jamuna ji, Kamla ji, Malti ji and Payal are in a shop to buy lehenga for Komal. Malti chooses a heavy one while Kamla ji likes a light one. Payal thinks to make Kamla ji spend good money on their shopping. Malti ji does not like it much but Payal speaks well about her choice. Simplicity is the ornament of bride. She goes quiet. Malti ji notices her tensed. Say what’s in your heart. Kamla ji tells her to say it or her

stomach will pain.

Lucky tells Marjorie to pray for him. I will jump in the well to find that ring. She asks him if he is crazy. How will you find small ring in this well? Lucky speaks to Marjorie about the power of his love and on that ring. It is the exam of that ring today and not me. I will find it if I am supposed to get it. He jumps in the well to find that ring. Pinki comes running towards the well seeing him jump in it and slips as well. Rana jumps to save her shocking Marjorie. He holds Pinki. Marjorie notices Komal there and requests her to do something.

Payal says I know simplicity is beauty but people will gossip if bride will sit in mandap like this. Kamla ji tells her to come to the point. Payal says don’t take me wrong. Everyone knows our condition but Babu ji took responsibility of Komal’s wedding. Wont people say that Raghubir ji took a step back from his responsibility? Everyone goes quiet. Kamla ji reprimands Malti ji for not thinking of the same. I have the entire responsibility so people will end up gossiping about me only. It will only make you happy, right? Malti ji tells her not to worry. Kamla ji asks shopkeeper to pack the lehenga Malti ji had earlier chosen. Jamuna ji tells them not to worry. I saved around 1.5 lacs from Komal’s father’s pension. I will give that to you. Malti ji stops Kamla ji from reacting.

Komal throws a rope down the well for Pinki and Rana. Komal pulls them up using one hand as she does not want her mehendi to be ruined. Marjorie pulls Pinki as she reaches the edge. Komal makes her lie down on the ground. Marjorie tries to wake her up while Komal pulls Rana out safely. Pinki is still unconscious. Rana rushes to her side. He lifts her in his arms and goes inside. Marjorie says Lucky as she peeks down the well. Komal agrees Pinki is lucky as Rana Bhai saved him. Don’t worry. They see Lucky struggling in the well. Komal asks if there is some competition of jumping in well going on. Why is everyone trying to show their talent like this? Marjorie requests her to do something. Komal throws the rope down. She tries pulling Lucky but he is too heavy for her. She ties the rope around her waist but that is also difficult. Marjorie tells her to use her both hands. Komal looks at the letter V in her hand and holds the rope from both hands. She manages to pull Lucky up safely this time. Lucky slips and falls on top of her. They look at each other. Marjorie helps Lucky and Komal stand. Mehendi is wiped off from Komal’s hand. She thinks this is not a problem. Only henna is wiped for now. It will be put again in evening.

Rana holds a towel near Pinki but she takes it from him and wipes water herself. Lucky comes just then. Pinki keeps staring at him. Rana asks Pinki if she needs anything. I am here. She declines but begins to sneeze. Komal says it might be because of water. I will get ginger tea. Marjorie stops her. You are a bride and you saved everyone. I will make tea. You too will be tired. Till then please dry hair of this superman. She worries about Rana when Lucky sneezes. Komal begins to wipe his head dry without realising it. Komal says I cannot understand why you all jumped in well. Lucky asks Rana why he jumped in water. Rana lies that he saw someone falling in water so he jumped to save that person. What were you doing inside? Komal asks Pinki the same question. Lucky says I jumped to swim. Komal tells Rana to handle Pinki. She is very delicate. Pinki stops Rana from helping her. Marjorie gives tea to Pinki and Lucky. Komal asks her what enmity she has with Rana Bhai. Give him tea too. Marjorie says I forgot in hurry. I will get it. Pinki refuses to drink tea. I will fall ill this way. She sneezes again. Komal tells her to think about that later. She gives tea to Rana in saucer while Pinki drinks from the cup. Lucky compliments Marjorie on the tea. Lucky advises them to rest for a while so they are fresh in evening.

Pinki is sleeping. Komal holds Lucky’s mouth as he was about to shout or sneeze. Don’t shout as everyone will wake up. He signals her to back off. She realises that she had stepped on her foot.

Precap: Some guys tease Komal on her weight. He holds Vardaan by his neck. They end up fighting in which Vardaan gets beaten badly. Lucky comes to their rescue.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice Epi Mis Pooja.Feling Sad For The End Of The Great Drama Chakravartin Asoka Samrat.Plz Cn U Update Nagn Teledrama Mis Poja.Becuz Ths Drama Is Nt Telecst In Our Country.So I Am Unable Undrstand It Clrly Like Ashoka Drama.

  2. love this serial so much. thank you for this recap

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