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Badho Bahu 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky stands atop the stool happily. Marjorie and I will be together soon. Drama will start now and that fattie will be out of my life. He is shocked to see Komal on the steps of temple. She is equally stunned to see him standing on the stool with the rope around his neck. The stool breaks because of Lucky’s weight. Lucky struggles with the rope. Komal shouts Lucky ji! She removes slippers and runs up stairs. His face reddens. She looks at him in shock.

Pinki tells her decision to Payal. I will marry Rana. Thank you for guiding me at the right time. I was about to make a very big mistake. You saved me. I will leave now. Payal stops her. Don’t go out dressed like this. Marjorie knows what you did to her. Pinki denies. I hit her from behind. She wouldn’t know. Payal advises her to end

this matter here itself. Don’t discuss it with anyone, not even with yourself. Forget it like some bad dream. We will all be happy that ways only. Change clothes and come out. Everything will be fine. Pinki nods.

Komal shouts for pundit ji. Don’t give up Lucky ji. I will help you. He asks her to save him. I don’t want to die fattie.

Lucky’s family is on their way to temple. Malti ji remarks she will die if anything happens to her son. Kamla ji advises her to focus on saving Lucky first.

Komal holds Lucky’s legs. He heaves a sigh of relief. His family members reach just then. Lucky frees the rope from around his neck and Komal helps him stand. Lucky thinks this fattie ruined his entire plan. If I say anything now then Babu ji will kill me without this rope. Rana holds Lucky. His Babu ji asks him if he isn’t ashamed to commit suicide like cowards. I feel like killing you right away. Everyone gathers there. Raghubir ji hugs his son. Pinki asks Marjorie where she was. I have been looking for you. Marjorie does not reply. Raghubir ji tells Lucky to thank Komal. She saved you at the right time. He asks Marjorie to explain something to his son. He was acting like a coward. Ahlawat ji thanks Komal for saving Lucky. We wont be able to repay you ever. Raghubir ji hugs his son emotionally again. Marjorie takes Pinki with her. I have to talk to you about something important.

Pinki apologizes to Marjorie. So much happened and I couldn’t help you. Marjorie slaps her. Don’t lie. I know everything. I saw you in the mirror. You don’t deserve Lucky. Komal is the best choice for Lucky. You should stop dreaming about him as he will never accept you. He should accept Komal because I feel even I cannot love him the way she can love him. Pinki leaves from there teary eyed.

Malti ji asks Lucky as to why he did this. You dint even think of your mother? Kamla ji tells her not to get into the details. Your son is alright. Be relieved. Think that your would-be DIL saved your son. Mahurat will pass this way. Raghubir ji agrees with her. Everyone leaves. Marjorie eyes Lucky sadly. Rana and Pinki see him thus. Rana asks Pinki how she is here. She lies to him about her mannat. Rana is pleased. Payal smiles.

Marjorie speaks to Komal. You have a very beautiful heart. I know no one will be able to keep Lucky happy like you can. God bless you. I should leave now. Thank you. Hope my happiness become yours soon. She dons her bridal dupatta on Komal’s head. I am giving you all my happiness. They share a hug. Komal is moved to tears as they wave at each other.

Jamuna ji and Vimla ji greet Ahlawat family. Jamuna ji asks Komal where she went to before marriage. How come you (Ahlawat ji) are here so early? No one tells them anything about what happened in temple. Everyone gets busy chit-chatting. Kamla ji suggests everyone to let the bride and grooms get ready.

Lucky is trying to contact Marjorie but in vain. His friend comes there. Lucky asks about Marjorie. His friend hasn’t seen her after the temple incident. Everyone is waiting downstairs for you. Lucky says don’t know what she must be thinking after temple incident. I will bring her at any cost today. Let Babu ji do anything. His friend stops him. Everything is happening for your good. Why are you so bent on destroying it all?

Rana comes to the mandap area dressed as a groom. Vimla ji does his aarti. Kamla ji teases Malti ji on no.1. She compliments her son.

Lucky gets a voice message from Marjorie. She is happy about all the moments she has spent with him. no one can snatch these memories from me. I will be long gone from Sirsa by the time you get this message. You have to promise me you wont follow me. You cannot get a better life partner than Komal. I have seen true love and concern for you in her eyes. You will also see it one day. Promise me you will marry her. I will always love you. Lucky shakes his head in disbelief and shock.

Lucky’s another friend gives him an envelope. It has the ring which Lucky had given to her. He breaks down. Sad music plays.

Kamla ji asks for Pinki. She comes downstairs with Rinki just then. Rana is mesmerised by her. Kamla ji calls Pinki Patakha (bomb). My DIL is very beautiful. I am so lucky to have a DIL like her. Photographer clicks photo. Kamla ji asks for Lucky and Komal. Mahurat will pass like this.

Payal, Jamuna ji and Lattu bring Komal. Her brothers look at her with love. She looks at the mandap scared. Her half marriage with Viren flashes before her eyes. She stops in her track and takes a step back as she thinks of all the incidents with Lucky since the time of their engagement. Raghubir ji and everyone is taken aback.

Precap: Raghubir ji asks Komal why she stopped in her tracks. She refuses to go in mandap. My marriage broke earlier as well. I wont step forward till my groom is here. Raghubir ji says your fear is right. I will just go and bring Lucky. Raghubir ji returns alone. Payal asks him about Lucky. Raghubir ji stands before everyone with his head bowed down and folds his hands before everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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