Badho Bahu 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal is trying to clean the house but Rana and Chotto Bua refuse to get up from the sofa. Her BIL’s lift the sofa up so Badho can clean. Pinki is taken aback but does not say anything. Tell us something about Fufa ji. Bua feels shy before her BIL’s. Pinki asks her again when they leave. Bua relates that her husband is braver than all her BIL’s. Komal is puzzled. She is talking so nicely about her husband yet she is having an affair. I wonder what’s happening. Bua asks about her Bhabhi’s. Pinki shares that they are in their rooms. Bua tells her to make ginger tea. Pinki lies that she doesn’t know how to make ginger tea. Badho knows it. She asks Badho to make tea for her and Bua. Bua tells Pinki to let Komal do whatever she is doing.

Pragya comes to kitchen. Payal tells her to

make halwa poori and kheer. Pragya refuses to make it as she does not think of this home as her own. Payal says I too am not so happy to see you here but we have no other option. Remember this well. You will also have to work till you are here. Pragya asks her if she will force her to work. Payal insists. Jamuna ji tells Payal she will talk to Pragya. Payal nods. I anyways dint keep a big demand. I only told her to cook for 15-16 guests only. She insulted all the guests already on Muh Dikhayi so we only will send food to their homes. We have to stay in this society only. She thinks it will be fun when people will talk ill about Pragya after eating the food cooked by her.

Bharpayi brings milk in kitchen. Bua’s BIL’s also come there. They ask for milk as it is time for that. She asks them if they are kids. Seeing their straight faces she brings milk for all of them. They look at the glasses puzzled and gulp it down in a go. We want more. It was more like a sip. She keeps a bucketful of milk before them. Suit yourself. They ask her how they know they like drinking milk from bucket. She replies that seeing them anyone can understand they have just come from the forest.

Kamla ji and Kailash ji join everyone outside. Bua asks Kamla ji about her Ramayan paath. Is it complete or not? Kamla ji asks her why she would read it. Pinki signals her about the same. You were reading it right? Kamla ji understands it and nods. I was a bit lost in thought so I replied absentmindedly. Raghubir ji asks Chotto when she wants all the functions to take place. We will fulfil it. Let us know if you have any special demand. Chotto Bua expresses a wish to have a wedding which has never happened before. I want expensive clothes. Her brothers agree to fulfil her wish list. Chotto bua adds that she wants to have a destination wedding. She explains the concept to them. Kamla ji thinks she has dreamt a lot already. How will you forget your lover though?

Jamuna ji tells Pragya to do what Payal has asked for if she wants Payal to be quiet. There is no point arguing. She will torture you all the more if you do so. She will create problems for you and you will get stuck in them. Have patience. Everything will fall in place eventually. Payal sees them thus. She hands over the veggies to Pragya. Pragya asks her if this would suffice for 15 people. Payal taunts her if she should get everything for 15 people. Use less oil. Pragya starts working. Jamuna ji watches her from inside. She doesn’t even know how to cut veggies. How will she cook that too for 15 people? She decides to call Vardaan. Raghubir ji assures his sister that everything will be done as per her wish. Bua wants her Bhabhi’s to make lehenga for her. A girl’s home is her most favourite destination. I would marry form this house only. Chotto Bua wants Komal and Lucky to take responsibility of her wedding. Komal gets happy. Raghubir ji says we will do it as the promise was made by Ma Babu ji after all. Both brothers say our wives will handle everything. Bua refuses. Malti Bhabhi is always busy with work. Plus, Kamla Bhabhi is busy in her Lanka Kaand (Ramayan). Badho and Lucky will manage things. Kamla ji thinks do whatever you have to. I will do the most important preparations. Bua asks Lucky and Komal if they will arrange everything. Komal agrees but Lucky refuses to do it with Komal. I can do everything alone but not with badho. Raghubir ji asks him why he is saying no to Bua’s wish. Lucky says I can fulfil her every wish but I don’t want Komal to do some goof up in Bua’s wedding. He leaves. Malti ji tells CHotto Bua not to take it to heart. You know him. Kailash ji assures his sister she will have a grand wedding. Kamla and I will go to get clothes. Bua nods. Kamla ji and Kailash ji leave. Chotto Bua thinks come what may, Lucky and Badho only will make preps. I don’t know how it will happen though. Raghubir ji and malti ji also leave. Komal asks Bua what she will eat. Bua replies that she isn’t hungry. Next second, she makes a wish to have something that isn’t found in entire Haryana. Komal asks her how she is fond of Sattu. Bua shares that her husband is from Banaras. I liked it when he brought Sattu for me once. He always brings it for me. Make some for Lucky also. Komal is pleased to know that he likes it too. I will make him happy today. She leaves for kitchen. Bua thinks I will see how this will not bring them together.

Precap: Komal walks ahead while looking at Lucky. Lucky tells her to look down but Komal keeps looking at him. She trips because of which the flour falls over him. He looks at her pointedly. Later, Komal spots Chotto Bua hugging someone. She confronts her afterwards.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I think sneaky lover is Chotoo Bua’s husband. I hope it is so. Kamla ji and shallow pinki will have eggs on their faces when it comes time to embarrass Bua and their plan backfires.

  2. Will love to see kamlaji and pinki if the man visiting bua turns out to be her husband.

  3. Summer

    Hi Edel and Satya, 🙂
    I too hope for the same. I hope that Chotto lover is her husband, therefore when Pinky and Kamla ji plan to ruin Chotto wedding and bring disgrace, the only disgrace and shame they bring on is ‘themselves’. Kailish ji is blind to what is happening around him, hopefully now his eyes will be opened and learn Kamla ji true intentions and unkind nature. As for Pinki, well, being a scorpion that she is, it wouldn’t surprise me should she blame it all on Kamla and she is only carrying out her MIL wishes as a dutiful DIL.
    Rana is blinded by Pinki’s beauty, so much so, he is unable to see through her rotten core.
    Whilst Lucky, immature as he is, if only he can learn to see the beauty inside he will realise that Komal will always stay true to him and support him.
    Malti, i am hoping one day that she will learn to appreciate Komal and realise her prejudice has been unkind. If Malti supported her husband, Kamla Ji will not have the opportunity to drive a wedge between the family. One can say Malti is naive or self serving? Had Malti not believe that Kamla ji will support her in ridding of Komal, Malti will not fear of rocking the boat. Hence more inclined to listen and do Kamla’s bidding. This is the first signs of the cracks in the family…plotting to seek majority support for power and status, no matter who gets hurt in the process as long as personal gain is in sight. Once, one obstacle is removed, soon they’ll start turning on each other fighting for the same position. The decent family members will walk away from the squabbling and will quite happily give up number 1 if it meant the family can remain intact and peace restored- Ragu and Lucky ji. But with the likes of Kamla and Pinki, peace will never be restored, rotten to the core.

    1. Summer, so true. Kailash ji knows the nature of his wife and her inferiority complex, but he is a weak man, same as his son Rana. So no hope of them calling their spouses to order. The problem in my view is the lack of trust and yes,
      love by Malti ji and Lucky for their spouses. Malti ji’s love for Rahu ji is overshadowed by her need to please Kamla. Until Lucky expresses love for Komal and shows faith in her. Pinkie and kamla reign of hate will prevail.

      1. Summer

        Hi Edel,
        I was thinking of the same. Until Lucky Ji starts supporting Komal and treating Komal with affection, his Mother will not have a change of heart. When Malti sees that Komal is able to make her son happy and Lucky ji starts speaking fondly of Komal, i believe at first, she may wonder what ‘spell’ Komal has cast on her son. But, within time, I am hopeful that she will see the genuine kind nature of Komal. As for Pinki and Kamla, you reap what you sow.

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