Badho Bahu 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli gets shot

Badho Bahu 7th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector says someone tipped us that she is hiding in a house in Sirsa and is planning to abscond with lot of stuff. Kamla ji says Inspector is right. I had a doubt on her from the first day itself when I caught her wearing my jewellery. Malti ji says she never let me talk to her father also whenever I asked her to. Inspector says she is too smart for anyone. It generally gets too late by the time one realises who she is. Kamla ji shares that that girl flee with their jewellery already. Malti ji says not just ours but she took the jewellery of entire village! Inspector says this time she has committed a very serious crime. We have found out that there is a gang which is involved into human trafficking. Bhago is helping them in this.

Kapoor is irked that the driver is unreachable but heaves a

sigh of relief when he notices the tempo there (Bablu’s). He is happier to see that some sacks are already kept inside. This way no one will doubt us. His men load the girls in the truck.

Kamla ji cries recalling that she sent Pinki to temple when Bhago told her to. She is still not here! I am very much scared. Malti ji adds that Pragya also went with Pinki. Jatta ji said he will drop the ladies here but he is nowhere to be seen. Kamla ji asks her hsband to do something. I am scared. Both my daughter and DIL are missing. Malti ji assures her they will find them soon. Komal realises the meaning behind Bhago’s words. We came together in tempo but she stayed downstairs only. Inspector says we dint see any tempo downstairs. Komal says they got off at backside. Inspector asks her if she remembers the tempo number or anything. Komal recalls seeing a yellow colour flag and some flowers on the side of tempo and gives these hints to Inspector.

Kapoor and his men load the sacks in the tempo and drive away.

Raghubir ji tells Inspector not to delay anymore. Kailash ji tells Vardaan to take the ladies home but he refuses to leave. Pragya ji is still my responsibility. I wont let anything happen to anyone. Lucky sends the ladies with Teji. Komal also decides to accompany Lucky. I recognize the tempo. Raghubir ji advises them to check every corner of the house while they will man the roads. They all head in different directions.

Bhago is still unconscious.

Ahlawat family members and police checks at every corner of Sirsa with every person they come across. Komal asks a guy and his daughter if they saw this girl (by showing Bhago’s photo). There was a tempo with a yellow flag. The little girl recognizes the truck and tells them in which direction it went. Komal thanks them. Lucky says there is only an empty godown in this direction. Komal says she must have gone there to hide everything. Let’s go. I will call Babu ji. They head towards the godown.

Kapoor’s men keep the girls in a corner. Kapoor counts the sacks but one count is less. They wonder if they left one sack near the temple. Kapoor wonders if one sack fell down as he was driving too fast. I will be in trouble if that happens. They go out to check. Kapoor tells his men to find the sack at any cost or he wont spare them. He calls tempo guy again but in vain.

Komal recognizes the tempo when they reach the godown. Lucky points out that this is closed since many years. No one comes here. She says that’s why it is the perfect hiding place for Bhago. They go inside and call out for Pragya and Pinki. One sack begins to move. They begin to open all the sacks. Lucky finds Pragya while Komal finds Titli. Titli gains conscious and looks around. She realises how she got unconscious and notices Lucky and Komal there. Titli notices Radha and Pragya there and mistakes Komal and Lucky to be the culprit. She thinks that her Bapu speaks so highly of them while see what they are up to! She picks a stick and is about to hit Komal but Lucky stops her. You are trying to hurt the one who saved you? You are always short tempered. Komal asks Lucky if she knows her. I too find her to be familiar. Titli asks her if she isn’t ashamed of selling the girls of her own family and village. She begins to hit her again but Lucky picks a stick so as to stop her.

Bablu reaches the godown and spots the tempo. He is thrilled to see the sacks still in the tempo. Bhago would have killed me otherwise. Where is she though? She left all the expensive stuff here! He begins to check the sacks when he finds Bhago lying unconscious among them. He wakes her up. He tells her everything. She asks him to leave right away.

Komal tells Titli not to act like some bull. Talk calmly. She makes her drop the stick. We helped you while you are attacking us only! Titli still continues to point fingers at both of them. Kapoor shoots in the air. Calm down and do as I say. Titli deduces that he is the one who is the culprit. She apologizes to Komal. Komal says we can do this later. We have to first do something about these guys. Kapoor asks his men to keep the sacks in the tempo. Titli very smartly hits Kapoor on his hand because of which his gun falls down. Lucky and Komal also take their positions. Lucky beats Kapoor’s men while Titli beats Kapoor. Komal is busy freeing the girls. Kapoor manages to get hold of his gun again. It is enough. It is time to give you your prize. The first one to die will be the girl because of whom all this started (pragya). He shoots at her but Titli steps in her way. She gets shot on her arm.

Precap: Inspector has caught hold of Bablu and Bhago. Raghubir ji asks Lucky if all the girls of their village are safe. Komal says everyone is here except Pinki. Rana begins to look for her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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