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Komal gets excited and says I will make such better that Lucky ji wont be able to resist it. Komal and Pinki are ask to make butter. Pinki gets shocked seeing the quantity. Who will eat all this? Kamla ji calls her innocent, naive. It is for our fighters. They eat good quantity. We will also have some. Don’t worry. You will get used to it soon. We have been doing it since years and have taught everyone. I taught Malti too. malti ji seconds her. Pragya and other girls say this time everyone will do it together. This will also strengthen the bond between new brides and MIL’s. Pragya speaks of Badho’s size. She equals to 2 people. I will also support you and Bhabhi. Kamla ji says Pragya, Pinki and I will be on one side while Komal and Malti will be on the other side. Komal is sure they will

still win. All ladies sit down to work. Pinki is having a hard time doing it while Badho enjoys doing it. Kamla ji and Malti ji sing song while working. Badho sees Pinki struggling. She tells Pinki to hold the ropes tight. Pull them and it will be done easily. I will feed you this butter once it is done. You will get used to it then. Malti ji tells Komal to call Pinki Bhabhi. She isn’t just your friend now. Kamla ji tells Komal to let someone look normal like a human being too. Don’t make everyone like you (hinting at her size). They resume their work. A girl says the butter made by Tai ji (Kamla ji) makes the best butter. Pragya says I make better butter than you. The girl denies. Last time I got the gift from Lucky Bhai. Komal happily thinks that she will make the best butter for Lucky ji if he likes butter so much. He will get happy with me too and get me a small gift as well.

Vimla ji is worried seeing her saved money. Should I throw it away or keep it? I cannot use these notes (of Rs.1000). Payal comes there looking for her earring. Vimla ji thinks to send Payal away. She can see my money this way. She is anyways irked. I will add fuel to fire. She will leave then. She tells Payal to make sure no problem comes on Pinki because of Badho. She is used to getting insulted. Payal says Badho dint insult anyone. No one can do what Badho is doing. You dint teach anything to Pinki. They argue on this topic. Payal warns her not to say anything against Badho. You have a bad heart and bad money too. You managed your daughters somehow. How will you manage your black money? She finds her earring and takes it. Vimla ji decides to teach a lesson to Badho. See what I do now.

Malti ji tells all ladies to make sure the butter isn’t stolen this time before Bhog. It happens every time. Be cautious. Kamla ji says we will now see which DIL made more butter. Malti ji nods. Komal stops as the butter is ready. Malti ji smiles a little but then makes a straight face. Pinki’s butter is still not ready. Kamla ji looks at her. Lucky, Rana and their friends come there. One of the guys tries to take butter but Kamla ji tells them to leave. Malti ji warns the boys not to even think of eating butter. I know why you are here but you also know you cannot have it before Bhog. Lucky likes the smell of butter. Can I try? Malti ji shakes her head. He requests her but she stays put. He says I will eat it all after bhog. She nods. Komal thinks I will feed enough butter to Lucky ji. He will get tired yet wont stop eating. I will win his heart this way.

Pinki is exhausted. Komal says I am still all geared up. I am only waiting for Bhog after which I will give it to Lucky ji. The girls ask her why she is so excited. Plus how will we find out who made which butter. All pots look alike. Komal finds a piece of coal and labels the pots.

The boys plan to steal butter. Lucky and Rana tell their friend to wait for Bhog. Their friend says even Kanha ji used to steal it. It is more fun this way. Lucky says Babu ji will not spare anyone if he finds out. His friend says it gets stolen every time anyways. We can steal this time. There is no harm in it. Lucky refuses to support him and so does Rana. Lucky tells them to wait and respect everyone’s hard work. Komal gets impressed hearing it. Lucky’s friend vows to steal butter anyhow. Komal stops Pinki. There is a planning of stealing butter going on inside. Jitesh and Ajay are the thieves. They have been doing it since years but our husbands told them against it. They are so nice. Pinki nods. Will we have to make it again if butter gets stolen before Bhog? Komal tells her not to worry. I will not let anyone steal butter. I will bring culprits before Ma ji. This way I will win both Ma ji and Lucky ji’s hearts. Pinki thinks that this shouldn’t happen or Komal will become Number 1. I cannot let it happen.

Ahlawat ji joins his brother. They have checked in the house. Everyone is sleeping. Raghubir ji says we will have to do the same thing this time too but differently. Komal is here now. Ahlawat ji nods. Raghubir ji tells his brother to be extra alert and quiet this time. His brother nods.

Pinki thinks to do something so Badho does not become nice in everyone’s eyes. Rana comes near her and holds her hands. I want to sit holding your hand all night and talk to you. Pinki smiles at him but thinks he is so dumb. If I do that then that fattie will win. She asks him if she can sleep in Ma ji’s room. He lets go of her hand. Is everything fine? Did I make a mistake? She denies. Babu ji and Chacha ji will come home late at night. I thought to go to Ma ji’s room and talk to her. He gets impressed. Ma will be so happy knowing this. You care so much for her. I am so lucky to have you. Go and be with her. We will talk when you will come back. I will wait for you. Pinki nods. Rana is set now. I will say something to Ma ji too now.

Payal gets call from her mother. Payal complains to her mother about Vardaan and jamuna ji. Her mother tells her to keep an eye on Badho. Keep tabs on her. Payal suggests calling her right away but her mother tells her against it. Do it in morning. Keep track of everything or she might come back home anytime!

Komal is in the kitchen. She thinks to teach a lesson to the thieves. I will save butter for Lucky ji anyhow!

Precap: Komal gives butter to Lucky. He loves it. I have never eaten such tasty butter all my life. I feel like kissing the hands which have made it. This hands are really magical!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Episode – 65
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 08 Dec Set Alert
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    Badho catches Jitesh and Ajay while they are trying to steal ‘makhan’. Later, two thieves sneak into the kitchen wearing face masks.
    Episode – 66
    09:30 PM – 10:00 PM, 09 Dec Set Alert
    Everyone is shocked to see that the thief whom Badho has caught is nobody but Lakha. However, Badho has already beaten him up, thinking that he is a thief.

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