Badho Bahu 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Jatta reminds Pragya of Teji!

Badho Bahu 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is gathered at the road where the name of the road is about to be inaugurated. Sangram Singh meets Kamla aji. He shares that he couldn’t do what he was asked to as there was tight security. Mr. Singh thanks Komal for being so proactive and taking an initiative to solve the problem herself. We are really thankful to her. Everyone claps. Kamla ji praises her before everyone. She points out that her husband is the Sarpanch. Raghubir ji is also very famous but not even a lane is named after them. Everyone shoots her puzzled looks.

Raghubir ji or Kailash ji (sorry, dint look up) asks Komal to unveil the name. Komal unveils the stone. The road is named as Shree Kailash Singh Marg. Kamla ji asks Sangram Singh’s son about it in gestures. Komal smiles.

Pragya comes to Ahlawat House

and finds Teji and Kapoor sitting quietly. Why aren’t you shooting today? Teji tells her that the heroine ran away. How can we shoot without a heroine? Pragya offers to take Lattu back home. Kapoor declines. Someone can become heroine if she wants to. Pragya is confused. Teji explains that she is no less than a heroine. Why don’t you become our heroine? Lattu requests her to become the heroine. Kapoor also falls in her feet. Please agree to what the kid is saying. I will lose everything otherwise! Teji also asks her to agree or his video wont be made. Atleast rehearse with her till we find our heroine. Lattu requests her yet again.

Raghubir ji and Malti ji ask Mr. Singh about the road’s name. Mr. Singh explains that the name is correct. Komal addresses everyone. It is true that I worked with other ladies but we dint do it all by ourselves. The credit goes to the new Sarpanch ji. We wouldn’t have succeeded otherwise. This road should be named after him only. Everyone claps. Mr. Singh says we did it only upon Komal’s askance. Raghubir ji tells his Bhabhi he should be proud of Komal and her thinking. Don’t forget that she is completely selfless. He requests everyone to clap in Komal’s honour. They all readily do so. Kamla ji thinks clap as much as you want to but the one, whose name is on the stone, will be number 1.

Teji and Kapoor stare at Pragya as she comes out dressed in Punjabi attire. Kapoor tells Teji to do something to make her fall in love with the idea of being a heroine. She wont go anywhere then. Pragya notices them whispering amongst themselves and asks them about it. They don’t tell her anything and play the music instead. Teji dances whereas Pragya stands rooted to her place. Teji extends his hand. Pragya extends her hand as well. Teji immediately grabs it and pulls her closer to himself. Memories of her and Teji together flash before her eyes. She refuses to shoot and leaves with Lattu. Kapoor asks Teji why she left like that. Teji says it is ok. Jatta Singh will bring her back at any cost. He smiles.

Ajay and Jitesh ask for food. Komal tells them to also join them for dinner. Ajay has also recovered and is ready to come to practise tomorrow. They speak of how she filled all the potholes. Now the road is also named after her. Kamla ji reminds them that it is Kailash Singh Ahlawat Marg. Jitesh points out that that is for namesake. It will be known as Komal Singh Ahlawat Marg after all. Ajay and Raghubir ji second him. Don’t know how many hearts she would have won in the village. He asks his brother if he doesn’t mind it then he would also like to call it Komal Singh Ahlawat Marg. Kailash ji agrees. Malti ji says I am thinking how proud Lucky will be when he will be back and see all this. Komal thinks I don’t want any of this. I only want you (Lucky) to be back before the Karvachauth fast ends tomorrow.

Next morning, Komal does puja. She asks Bharpayi why she is following her with a plate of food. Bharpayi points out that she wanted to give breakfast and medicine to Malti ji. Komal nods. I am fasting so I feel I am seeing food everywhere. Malti ji explains her significance of the fast. Komal agrees to fast. You should eat something so you can take medicine. Malti ji refuses. Don’t tell me to eat anything. You must also not think about food today or you will be hungry. Komal agrees. Malti ji and Bharpayi leave. Kamla ji calls Bharpayi aside.

Kamla ji readies a plate of food and tells her to give it to Komal. Bharpayi points out that she is fasting today. why are you committing this sin? Kamla ji shushes her. Badho will commit the sin. You have to follow her everywhere with this plate of food. She wont be able to escape then. Bharpayi again calls it a sin but Kamla ji tells her to do as she is telling her to or she will throw her out of the house. Bharpayi complies.

Komal paces in her room. I am so hungry! I cannot even drink water. What should I do? Please help me Lord. Bharpayi brings food for her. Komal questions her. Bharpayi lies that she cannot eat alone so she brought it here. I will be able to eat and we will also talk this way. She thinks to go out so Komal can eat something. She offers it to Komal but she tells her to eat outside. Bharpayi leave the room on the pretext of bringing salad. Komal looks at the delicious food kept in the plate. She is tempted to see the delicacies. Malti ji is headed to Komal’s room. Komal picks up a spoon to dig into Halwa.

Precap: Malti ji notices the bowl of Halwa empty. Kamla ji speaks ill about her. She dint even think of you or her husband’s long life. What has she done! Komal comes there. Seeing the empty bowl, she thinks Malti ji ate halwa. I will bring medicine. Malti ji asks her why she ate halwa. I dint eat anything even when I was ill. How could you do this?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh my god ! That kamla ji is such a pain in the backside! When will her glory come to an end?! I hope malti ji sees through and her bond with komal remains strong ☺️
    As for Jatta- you can clearly see Teji through them glasses and turban! For someone who was so in love still doesn’t know he’s in front of her!!! By the way why is he back? He’s a slime ball ??

    What’s the naina song ? And also the background song when something good happens for Komal?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Summer

    Hi Sara,

    You have summed it up perfectly!!! I’m sick and tired of any small glimpse of happiness is short-lived and very quickly destroyed by Kamla evil, petty plottings! I really hope Malti ji is able to put two and two together and realise it is Kamla who is trying to cause a rift between her and Komal. How can she even think for one second that Komal doesn’t care about her, Lucky or even Ragu longevity? Especially after Komal selfless act, carrying Malti by foot to the hospital.

    Okay writers/creators…as a veiwer it is not pleasant viewing to see evil Kamla win all the time! She is cunning, spiteful and manipulative, surely her luck must be up now and it’s time for revelation episode?!

    She has betrayed her husband’s respect and trust, not to mention the whole family too. Kamla should not escape punishment this time, nor should it be made easy for her!

  3. As sad as it is to say- kamla may nont be punished! There will surely be cover up somehow. This is how the writers roll?! Brace up, the only one to be humiliated is Komal and her family always. Hope Malti doesn’t put on her blinders again! Anyway, hope the writers realise that the show is becoming torture to watch with kamla’ triumph always. Seeing her on screen has become painfully annoying! She has no quality as a good woman, wife, mother, sister or friend. We need to move on from her now please.


    I am totally sick of this show.. writers only spoiling and spoiling this show.. this show have so much to show and potrait good things but they only show bad things…

  5. Please update 10-9-17

  6. 10/9/17 update please


    Where is 9 oct update?? Waiting since night

    1. Can u do update plz

  8. Summer

    Hi Everyone,

    Brief episode update for 9th Oct.

    Kamla ji blames Komal and continues to have no shame and tries to cause a rift between the new bonding relationship of Mil-Dil. Malti feels indebt towards Komal due to kind act.

    Rana adjust picture of Pinki on his laptop so that they can complete ritual of fasting.
    Bharpayi smartly uses her phone to upload pictures of Pinky as Kamla complained that the images used by Rana does not do her beauty justice.
    As doing so, Komal sharp beady eye notices a shadow in the background of Bharpayi selfie.
    Komal request Bharpayi to zoom in and behold….the culprit is Kamla ji herself!
    Komal jaw drops in shock to learn it is her Kamla ji herself! Malti ji is curious to check out Bharpyai selfie; when she walks towards the laptop to get a good view, Malti ji cannot miss the miscreant Kamla with a spoonful of hawla in her mouth!
    Malti ji mouth drops open, eyes widen in shock and disbelief that Kamla has the audacity to frame Komal when it is ‘she’ herself who scoffed the hawla.
    Kamla ji stand quietly loss for words ( for a change) . Malti confronts Kamla, questioning her behaviour and principles but Kamla shows no remorse or shame. She makes a lame excuse about Kailash giving her permission to eat should she feel weak.
    Kamla uses feeble excuse for her despicable behaviour and breaking her fast.
    Kamal invites villages round for meal as she is the village head wife (rubbing it in Ragu’s family again) but it back-fires on her.
    Lucky ji makes a surprise return home to break Komal’s fast on Ragu request. Komal is over joyed when she see’s Lucky ji. Komal wanted to hug Lucky ji but restrained herself due to respect to other members of the family ( cute moment).
    Lucky ji supports Komal and highlights his knowledge of the person in question trying to defame Komal; in retaliation, he supports Komal by reinstating his blessing for Komal to resume wrestling!
    Ragu is over-joyed and Kamla tries to stir trouble again, efforts goes in vain to halt Lucky decision. Malti ji does not disappoint, she show unity and supports Komal. Kamla screws her face up in displeasure.
    Villagers nod their heads in approval that Lucky is a understanding and loving husband. He gives Komal her own identity and his blessing so that she can continue to achieve her potential and inspire positive message to the community.
    Kamla ji looks irked…wrinkle her nose and scowls again.

    Precap: Komal and Lucky ji share tender romantic moments in their own cute way.

    If i have missed scense out I apologise in advance; I have a memory of a gold fish. I hope you enjoy reading. 🙂

  9. Summer

    Correction: @ scenes

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