Badho Bahu 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Komal and her family get a warm welcome at Ahlawat house. Pinki has also come with them. Malti ji is happy to have Jamuna ji and her family over at their house. Kamla ji tells everyone their rooms. Savitri ji comes along with Viren and Vikram with mehendi for Komal. Jamuna ji gives the thaal to Malti ji. Savitra ji is happy that Viren will stand for Sarpanch post. It will be great if you all will support Viren in elections. Jamuna ji is happy to hear it. Everyone is busy with wedding preps but Komal and Vardaan will come. Raghubir ji greets Jamuna ji. He tells Rana to take care of home in the absence of everyone along with Lucky. Rana nods. Viren leaves with his brother and Savitri ji. Rahgubir ji leaves for some work. Everyone heads to their rooms.

Marjorie shows photos to Pinki. Pragya tells

Komal to get ready to go to market. Komal asks Pinki as to what she should wear. Pinki thinks she will lose chance with Lucky this way. She tells Pragya not to take Komal out in sun. She might get tanned. She should glow. Pragya agrees. Marjorie offers to do Komal’s makeup and also be her bridesmaid. Pinki mistakes it to be maid. I wont be her maid. Marjorie explains the logic. Pinki thinks this way she will marry Lucky soon. I am Komal’s maid then. Marjorie and Komal laugh.

All the ladies leave for the elections except Komal, Marjorie and Pinki.

Komal stands lost in thoughts. Pinki looks at her. Komal acts to do some work. She remembers Rinki’s taunt and looks at mehendi sweetly. Marjorie waves hand before her eyes. why are you looking at mehendi like this? Pinki says Komal wont be able to wait till evening. She wants it right now. Pinki picks up a cone offering to do some shagun now. Rest will happen in evening. Marjorie takes her permission to write V on Komal’s hand as per her wish. Pinki gives cone to her. Komal sneezes because of which V looks like L. Pinki says this looks more like L (L for Langoor – ). Komal says I too say the same. I need V for very good.

Komal keeps staring at the letter in her hand. Pinki thinks to cook up an excuse and go meet Lucky. She is about to put face pack on Komal’s face when Marjorie gives her imported face pack. Pinki asks her to get some stuff. She next applies a large amount of it on Komal’s face as small wont suffice for her. Komal says the fragrance is so yumm that I feel like eating it. Pinki asks her if she will apply tomatoes on her face then.

Decorator brings decorations.

Marjorie brings two buckets of rose water for Komal. If you will keep both feet in one bucket then you will feel uncomfortable. It will be comfortable this way. Komal nods. Marjorie apologizes to her if she felt bad but Komal shakes her head. You are taking so good care of me.

Pinki tells Komal to follow her name a little. Put your feet nicely. Don’t wrestle with water. Komal nods. Pinki and Marjorie apply cream on Komal’s hands. Pinki says food is ready. We only have to decorate it now.

Lucky’s friend says I have heard that love is blind but I never thought it would be this blind. Your idea is really dangerous. Lucky smiles. His friend says this means you will throw Marjorie in the well and then jump in to save her. You will propose her when she will be all shy. Your idea is great than Baazigar. Lucky tells him to get his Bhabhi asap.

Pinki puts cucumber slices on Komal’s eyes. Marjorie excuses herself to do some kitchen work. Komal begins to score. Pinki thinks to make use of this chance to spend some time with Lucky. By God ki Kasam Lucky wont have any idea till what extent she can go to get him, forget about serving this fattie!

Lucky’s friend comes in kitchen and calls Majorie Bhabhi ji. Bhai is calling you. She asks him what he said. Lucky’s friend covers up. Bhaiya is calling you near well. She agrees to come.

Rana is all mesmerised looking at Pinki as she walks in the corridor. He apologizes to Hanuman ji’s idol as soon as he turns. Decorator looks at him in confusion. Rana seeks permission (mentally) from Hanuman ji to look once. He smiles but then notices the decorator staring at him. stop looking around the house. Leave as soon as your work is done. He goes from there. Decorator thinks this is right time. I will do my work and leave!

Decorator stealthily goes in Raghubir ji’s room. Rana follows Pinki in the corridor at a distance. Decorator looks for something in every corner of the room and finally finds the documents he had been looking for! He comes out of the room and collides with Komal. File falls from his hand. She picks it up.

Precap: Lucky speaks to Marjorie about the power of his love. He jumps in the well to look for some ring. Pinki comes running towards the well and falls too. Rana jumps to save her shocking Marjorie.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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