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Badho Bahu 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua’s lover is about to leave from Ahlawat House carefully when Komal catches him in the corridor. How dare you misguide my Chotto Bua? He replies that he isn’t misguiding anyone. I love her with all my heart. This loves gives me strength. Komal tells him not to talk rubbish or she will call everyone here. He tells her to go ahead. I am not afraid of anyone. Rana calls out just then. Who’s there? Komal panics hearing his voice. It will be a problem if Bhaiya catches Bua’s lover. She hides him under the dining table and sits on one of the chairs. Rana is surprised to see her there at this hour. Is everything alright? She nods. I am feeling dizzy so I sat here. He goes to bring water for her. Komal is about to get the guy out from under the table but Pinki comes in just then. Komal acts before

her too. I am feeling dizzy. Pinki offers to be with her till she feels well. Komal denies. Go to your room. I am fine. Pinki stays put. Komal thinks why everyone had to come now. I will really feel dizzy handing everyone. Bua’s lover feels stuck. Lucky also comes downstairs. He asks Badho if she has gone mad. You opened all the windows out the room. What are you doing here at this hour? Rana is surprised to see Pinki. He gives water to her. Komal is getting tensed. Everyone has gathered here. Till when will I sit here like this? He will be caught. Bua’s lover sneezes just then which puzzles everyone. She sings loudly but Bua’s lover sneezes yet again. Komal is in a fix. Bua sneezes in time and saves her lover. She asks them why they are gathered here so late at night. Pinki replies that Badho was feeling uneasy so I sat with her. Bua says I can see it too. She isn’t so ill that you all will sit here. You have disturbed my sleep. Go to your room now. Komal offers to sleep with her in her room but Bua denies. Your husband has called you in your room. Go sleep there. Komal shakes her head. I cannot leave you alone when you are not well. I will sleep with you. She advises Lucky to sleep outside. Fan is not working in our room. Lucky says it isn’t so. You left all the windows open. Rana and Pinki head to their room. Komal decides to talk to Bua later. This isn’t the right time. She leaves with Lucky.

Bua asks her lover if he is fine. He denies. There is a big problem. Badho saw me getting out of the house. She only hid me here. Bua assures him she will handle Badho. We cannot meet anymore. Leave now. He asks her if it isn’t possible that he can spend the night here. She tells him against it. I am going to get married soon. Have you lost it? He tells her to leave her husband instead. They get busy talking. Pinki watches them from the kitchen. This means Bua has a fling with this guy and Badho knew about this. She was hiding it from everyone but nothing can be hidden from me. I must inform Ma ji.

Vardaan wakes up and is startled to see Pragya sleeping on the floor next to him. She is cold. He covers her with his duvet and keeps his pillow under her head without waking her up. He lies down in the corner of the mattress without a duvet or pillow.

Pinki wakes her MIL in the middle of the night. She covers her mouth with her hand. Kamla ji is shocked but still goes out with her quietly. Outside, she asks Pinki if she wants to kill her in her sleep. Pinki says I cannot even think of that. I came to tell you something. She tells her MIL about Bua’s lover. Kamla ji is impressed with her spying skills. You are number 1 spy. Get me some proofs and update me on every movement (of Badho and Bua). I will then see how Badho will stay in this house. Chotto has come for her wedding but I will reveal her truth before everyone now. She dint do right by stopping Badho. She has given me enough pain. It is my turn to attack now.

Komal keeps shifting in the bed because of which Lucky is unable to sleep as well. She thinks of Bua’s lover’s words. I have to talk to Bua at any cost but how. She gets thinking. Lucky switches on the light. What happened to you? Why are you moving around like ghosts? Can you not sleep peacefully? Komal shares that she is worried for Bua. I will jsut go and check on her. He tells her to let it be. You go everywhere on your own. You go anywhere you wish to. She points out that he can say all this nicely too. He nods. But you don’t understand the language of love. This way, I will get heart attack one day. She tells him not to say such things. Nothing can happen to you till I am alive.

Payal wakes Pragya. Pragya complains that it is still morning. They both crib and fight as usual. Payal says you could have utilised the preps that were done for you. Pragya replies that her plastic flowers were poking her. I couldn’t sleep with that and with the extra smell that you sprayed in the room. I have never slept on the floor before that too without a pillow! Payal asks her if the pillow next to her is stone instead. Pragya is surprised to see the pillow. Payal tells her to come fast. It is your first rasoi. Ma ji has called you. Pragya gets tensed.

Ajay and Jitesh bring Lucky in his room. Komal asks them what happened to Lucky ji. They share that he got hurt during practise. She wants to apply ointment but he tells her against it. It will heal on its own. She insists. Let me put savlon so there is no infection. Ajay and Jitesh point out that Lucky is afraid. She tends to Lucky’s wound nonetheless. Sit quietly and let me clean it. Moh Moh ke Dhaage plays as he watches her do so ever so sweetly. She also casts glances at him while bandaging his wound. He tells her that only his ankle was hurt (as she covers almost half of his leg). She apologizes to him.

Precap: Payal tells Pragya to cook her first rasoi. Pragya refuses to cook anything. Payal says I dint keep a big demand. I only told you to cook for 15-16 guests only. In Ahlawat House, Chotto Bua expresses her wish. I want Komal and Lucky to organize everything for my wedding. Lucky refuses to do it with Komal. Komal gets sad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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