Badho Bahu 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badho finishes everything. You guys should go and play now. The boy asks her about lassi but Komal is too full. The kids leave. Komal thinks she is relieved but maybe she ate too much. There is no problem though as I ate for kids’ sake. She later drinks lassi too thinking about the kids (even though she is full). Those kids need food. I must drink lassi.

Lucky knocks the door of his room repeatedly. He is about to scold her but then looks at her from top to toe. She has changed and gotten ready for Tula-Daan ceremony.

Ajay and Jitesh bring sacks of grains in hall. Guests have begun to come in. Sarpanch ji loves the decorations. He compliments Raghubir ji on making small happiness big with such gestures. They respect you a lot. I met your DIL Komal a while ago only but they have met now

as if they know each other since ages. Raghubir ji says it is with Komal. Whoever gets to know her makes such relations with her right away! Jamuna ji smiles hearing it. Raghubir ji and Jamuna ji’s family exchange pleasantries. Raghubir ji asks Vardaan about his classes. How is Pragya doing? Vardaan says she is bit slow but I will make her learn. Raghubir ji nods. Payal’s mother takes her aside. They speak of the decorations. Why did Raghubir ji think of Tula-Daan? He could have kept it a small family affair. Payal agrees. They have so many grains that even the entire village cannot finish. Her mother nods.

Pinki and Rana seek blessings of everyone. Raghubir ji asks about Lucky and Komal. Malti ji says they must be coming. Kids say Badho Didi is here. Everyone looks up as Komal and Lucky come. Payal thinks she is already heavy and now she wore heavier clothes. I can hear people laughing already. I wont be able to face anyone when she will be weighed. I will go and hide. Lucky and Komal also seek everyone’s blessings. Malti ji is unhappy and shocked to see her wearing different clothes. JAmuna ji gets emotional and happy seeing her daughter. You look so pretty. She puts black dot behind Komal’s ears. Komal meets Vardaan. Payal pulls Komal aside. Malti ji taunts Komal. I told you so much not to wear heavy clothes. Will you enjoy seeing us getting insulted? Komal tries to speak but her MIL does not let her. You did not think about us at all. I told you to stay hungry but you got food from the kids. You are too eager always! Komal offers to explain but Payal tells her to be quiet. I will explain to you after the function. Malti ji tells her to explain Komal well. She does not listen to me. Kamla ji tells Payal and Malti not to stare and scold Komal so much. She is looking so beautiful. Don’t you pity her at all! She tells Komal to come with her. Don’t pay heed to whatever they say. Kamla ji makes Komal stand with Lucky.

Raghubir ji explains to everyone about Tula-Daan. Everyone appreciates his thought. They start the ceremony after the kids say yes. Kamla ji does Rana and Pinki’s aarti. Who will sit first? Rana suggests Pinki’s name. Kamla ji asks Pinki to sit. My DIL does not weigh much. Pinki makes a tensed face. She sits and almost falls as the weighing scale goes down. She calls out to Rana ji in fear. Rana rushes to her side and holds her hand. Sacks of grains are kept in the other side equal to Pinki’s weight. Ladies compliment Pinki on her beauty and weight. Teji is feeling bored. He goes inside. Rana sits next. Pinki stands holding Rana’s hand all the while when sacks of grains are weighed.

Bharpayi is walking past Teji. He holds her hand making her shy. He notices Pragya coming from the other direction and let’s go of Bharpayi’s hand. She runs away feeling shy. Teji blocks Pragya’s way and leans closer to her. She looks down feeling shy. Vardaan is coming from the other direction. Teji kind of pushes Pragya seeing Vardaan. Vardaan tells Pragya to be careful. Are you alright? Teji too tells Pragya to be more careful. Both boys offer their hands to her to get up. Pragya holds Teji’s hand and gets up.

Rana’s weight has also been measured in equivalent to the sacks of grains. Kamla ji asks Bharpayi to get aarti thaal again. Malti ji does aarti of her son. Raghubir ji and Komal sadly observe this. Malti ji finally does Komal’s aarti too. Komal can clearly see that she is upset. Kamla ji asks Komal to sit first but Malti ji says Lucky will sit first. Raghubir ji does not mind. He asks Lucky to sit. Komal offers to help him and touches his hand. She withdraws seeing his reaction. Malti ji steps in between and helps Lucky in sitting. Kamla ji tells Komal to hold Lucky’s hand. Komal is hesitant as she extends her hand towards Lucky. He holds back for a minute but then complies for the sake of his father and guests.

Precap: It is Komal’s turn to sit. Ladies mock Malti ji to call the weighing scale which is worth weighing Komal. Lucky taunts Komal. Who asked you this? It would have been better if I was dead instead. He walks out even though she calls out after him. Kids hug Komal (so as to thank her). Raghubir ji wipes a tear out of the corner of his eye.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    I am not getting anything in this show?? I mean what they are upto??

  2. Cannot wait for Pinky to be exposed for her true scheming, manipulating, conniving character that she is. Poor Badho, she must feel so lonely and isolated from members of the family. Hopefully she will win Lucky’s heart soon and he can put the rest of the family right. Until Lucky respects Badho I don’t think other members of the family will give her respect, that including Pragya : spoilt, manipultaing and scheming!

    Hi Shraddha, as far as i understand, Badho is being prejudice from her inlaws except FIL because of her size. They are unable to see the quality character because they cannot see pass her size. She has been arranged to marry Lucky and its a moment of time before romance blossoms. Just waiting for that to happen.

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