Badho Bahu 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Badho Bahu 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamla ji tells Malti ji to be patient. You have to talk nicely to Komal. Malti ji follows her instructions. She guides Komal how to make the particular dish. I will tell you how to make it my way. It will please everyone including Lucky. He loves this dish. Komal follows her happily.

Vardaan dismisses the class. pragys thinks he will sit peacefully in his home. He wont leave us sit peacefully. Let’s go. Bharpayi again has to ask some questions to Vardaan. Pragya taunts her if she wants to become some officer. You have to clean the house. This is your task. BHarpayi nods. We have anyways paid fees. We can ask some questions. Pragya agrees to wait outside.

Malti ji makes the dish to teach to Komal. Komal thinks she was misunderstanding her. She is so nice. She even taught me the special

recipe. She begins to ask Malti ji about the change in her behaviour. Kamla ji manages the situation. See how nice your MIL is to you. She is supporting you. Malti ji nods and continues her acting.

Pragya tells Teji to drive. Leave Bharpayi here. She wants to become next collector. I cannot tolerate what Vardaan teaches in class. he gave homework too. It is as if we have nothing left. Teji agrees to help her. She tells him to let it be. You spoke of dating but nothing happened. He suggests going on long drive. We will go home late. She worries about being scolded but he assures her it wont happen. He pulls her cheeks sweetly. Vardaan and Bharpayi come out. Teji asks Vardaan about his mother. He offers to drop Vardaan to his home. we will meet your mother this way. Pragya wanted this. Bharpayi also insists. Vardaan agrees in the end.

Lucky comes running to kitchen. The fragrance is so nice. What have you cooked? She gives him his favourite dish. He enjoys eating it. Make more for yourself. I am taking these. Kamla ji tells him that his wife has made them. Lucky stops eating. Kamla ji adds that your mother taught her the recipe very sweetly. Lucky returns the plate to his mother on the pretext of some work and leaves. Kamla ji takes Malti ji with her for some work. Malti ji tells Komal to keep some aside for Lucky. Come soon. Komal nods. She thanks God as Lucky liked it. Ma ji should keep trusting and loving me like this. Should I thank her? I should go slow. I will keep some aside for Lucky ji.

Malti ji calls out to Komal. The ladies sit down to knit. Malti ji asks Komal to knit something as well but Komal doesn’t know how to do it. A lady jokes that Komal cannot do such soft things. Make her fight with goons. Kamla ji takes Komal’s side. that lady says I dint mean that she is doing wrong. Malti ji offers to teach Komal how to knit a muffler. Lucky hears them. Malti ji advises Komal to knit a blue colour muffler for Lucky as he likes this colour. She tells Komal how to do it. Lucky is miffed. He takes his mother aside for a minute. I never even thought it in my dreams that you will cheat me! You taught her how to cook Karela and now you are teaching her how to knit. You changed sides so soon? You dint realise how much hurt I will feel. Malti ji explains that she is doing all this to stop Badho from wrestling. Lucky asks her what help it will do. Did your heart also melt for her? Malti ji denies but Lucky refuses to buy it. I am doing so much to keep her away from wrestling but you are only getting closer to her. She insists that that isn’t so. He asks her to make a noose for him. You have switched sides already. Do this much as well. Malti ji repeats that this is all her plan. Lucky says I don’t understand anything. I only understand that this Badho is separating every family member from me slowly. He leaves. Malti ji joins the ladies. Kamla ji gestures her to stay calm. Komal requests Malti ji to teach her again. maybe I dint get it right. Malti ji begins to explain when Komal asks her what Lucky said. Malti ji lies to her. He told me to get a new muffler made by Badho.

Teji drives around happily with Pragya, Bharpayi and Vardaan.

Komal is thrilled thinking about the love her MIL showed in her and how much Lucky loved the food she had made. Pinki thinks to show Lucky and Rasika’s video to Badho but Badho shares her happiness with Pinki. I feel like leaving wrestling as everything has become so nice. Pinki thinks to do what her MIL had told her to. She encourages Komal to fight as it can motivate many other women. Their lives would become so much better. Komal gets motivated by her words. I will make everyone proud. Thank you. She goes to give milk to Malti ji. Pinki thinks you have to help my family if no one else. You will never become a successful wrestler. I will then become the number 1 DIL of Ahlawat family.

Precap: Malti ji suggests Komal to stop wrestling. Raghubir ji gives new sports kit to Komal that will only help her. Malti ji shakes her head at Komal. Komal is in a fix.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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