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Pinki says I too would have gone along with you if you had told me too. She dint ask me even once so I thought to ask her if she is upset with me. Malti ji understands what Pinki is trying to do. She is too smart. God save me from her! Kamla ji tells Pinki not to worry. Malti is like this from beginning. She never asked me too. She wants every happiness to come her way only. She goes alone. Why would she care? Malti ji is looking at the boys practising. She is surprised not to see Lucky there. Pinki tells her not to worry. He must be around. Kamla ji praises Pinki. She takes very good care of Rana. Your DIL neither takes care of Lucky nor of his practise. Malti ji says he comes on time daily. Don’t know how he got late today. Rana calls out to Pinki. He asks her to look for Lucky. Pinki says

he must be tired because of the event yesterday. Badho too was with him. I am sure he must be exhausted. Kamla ji is impressed by Pinki’s smartness. I wont mind if she surpasses me in smartness. Pinki says I have heard Lucky anyways does not like practising early in the morning. Rana says he might come tired or exhausted but he has to be here to practise daily morning. There are some rules here which we can never break. It will be better if you don’t come between these rules ever again. Pinki feels bad. Kamla ji reprimands Rana for speaking to Pinki like that, that too before so many people. She tells Pinki not to worry. You are right. She again scolds Rana and tells him to focus on his practise. She sends Pinki inside to take some rest.

Pinki peeks inside Lucky’s room. It will be great if Lucky will sleep like this every day. My Rana will become the Iron man of Haryana then. I will become Number 1 too. I wont wake him up. Komal asks her what she is looking at. Pinki says I just came to check if you are fine or not. Komal nods. You care so much for me. I am fine. I need your help. Suggest me a way to befriend Lucky ji. You know how upset he is with me. Pinki thinks if that happens then she will lose her chance of becoming Number 1. Komal shakes her out of her thoughts. Tell me some idea. Pinki thinks her brain works faster than computer in these matters but she wont tell Badho anything.

Jamuna ji is pulling water from well. Vimla ji asks her why she looks so tired. Where is your DIL that you are doing everything? Jamuna ji says I don’t know how I got such a DIL. She cannot even see me taking rest for a few hours. Vimla ji says I am relieved not to have a son. I always wanted one but seeing your condition, I am thankful that I don’t have one. You will have to teach Payal a lesson in her language only. You must think of something. I have to go for some work.

Pinki says I can understand your pain. I even want to help you but I am not an expert. I too am helpless. Komal says you are my last hope. Pinki says I can help you but it is between you and Lucky ji. I cannot say anything between you both. There is already so much going on in the house. I will also get in trouble or some fight can happen if they find out I am helping you. I am sorry but I will have to stay out of your business so everyone is at peace at home. Komal falls for her words. She wonders how to pacify Lucky ji.

Jamuna ji comes home empty handed. Payal asks about buckets. Jamuna ji replies that she came to tell her something interesting. A lehenga vendor is near the well. He is selling lehenga’s and giving free dupatta’s. I dint have money so I came to get it. I will get everything for you. Payal tells her not to worry about it. Jamuna ji says I will do that for you as you have been doing so much for everyone since morning. Payal says my worry is that you will choose something as per your choice. I will go and get it. You have some rest. She leaves. Jamuna ji packs lunch for Vardaan and gives it to her neighbour who is on his way to Sirsa. She smiles in relief.

Pragya asks Pinki if something happened. You look so pale. Pinki denies. Pragya calls her her elder sister. I am so happy that brother got such a beautiful wife like you. I feel bad for Lucky Bhaiya. If he too had got someone like you then it would have been great. Pinki is thrilled hearing her words. She can be of great help to me. I will get her on my side. She too calls Pragya her little sister. You were right. I am worried about a small thing. Badho is not leaving me. She keeps asking me for suggestions to win Lucky ji’s heart. Pragya says she can only win a wrestling fight with Lucky ji. Winning hearts is not her forte. If I was in your place then I would have told her something because of which she would have been surely punished. Pinki says don’t say like that. She is your Bhabhi after all. Pragya appreciates her good heart. Pinki says we should help Badho in some way or other so things don’t go out of hand. Pragya nods.

Jamuna ji is happy to see Payal back home all tired. She will now know how much it hurts to lift the buckets. She asks Payal about lehenga’s. Payal says you were joking with me. Jamuna ji insists that she heard it right. Payal advises her to get her eyes and ears checked. Jamuna ji thinks it is already done now. You should have walked a little farther to check. Payal denies. I am not Badho to roam around. Jamuna ji asks her to sit and rest. You look tired. Where is your other earring? It was of Rs. 3500. You cannot do anything right. Payal says I will do it myself. She leaves to find her earring.

Komal is still thinking how she will make Lucky happy. Pinki offers to finally help her in winning Lucky’s heart. Komal hugs her to thank her. Pinki tells her to leave her. How will I help you if you will kill me by your hug? Komal says you will. Tell me what to do. Pinki advises her to win Lucky’s hear with her actions. Komal disagrees. I cannot act all ladylike. Tell me something else. Pinki says you will have to use the last option then. It is age old tested. It is tested behind the doors. Komal gets tensed and shakes her head. I wont be able to do this. Winning Lucky ji’s heart is like giving IAS Exam. Suggest me something I can do. Pinki thinks to tell her something because of which she will leave her. Whatever she will do will go against her only. You only know how to cook. It wont help you win anyone’s heart but my mother used to say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Try that. Komal likes the idea. Pinki stops her from hugging her again. Komal asks her what she should make. Kamla ji and Malti ji come just then. Kamla ji tells new DIL their age old tradition. We take our home made butter every 6 months. We have been doing this since beginning. We thought to give you both this chance this time. Girls share that Lucky loves it very much, so much so that he cannot wait for Bhog too. Bhai got me a suit last time as he loved it. Kamla ji tells the new DILs to get busy. She leaves with Malti ji. Komal gets an idea. God is with me. I will make such butter that Lucky ji will love it. He will forgive me for every past thing. I will reach his heart through his stomach.

Precap: Komal thinks to teach a lesson to the thieves. Raghubir ji and Ahlawat ji decide to steal butter this year too like every year. Komal is hiding behind the kitchen door. She notices shadows on the floor. Seems like they are too eager to get beaten by me.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Love it.but wants more komal and lucky scenes

  2. Good episode. Enjoying the serial. I think the actress who plays Pinki plays her character very well…love her facial expressions especially when she is up to no good.

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